Sensitized -finger skate rink- Surface

Last night I saw a man sitting on a stool between A.a laptop facing andB.a rock band, running Windows Media Player visualizations on the PA mix, projected onto them. I don't know how it started, but if he had first sat down at the computer to modify the "random" visualizations' abstractest there-allowed pace, he'd have been disappointed at the there-disavowal of even that simple request, then he may have swiveled a quarter revolution left leaving his right finger shortly-blindly on the trackpad, turning his head another quarter, but the whole way to the main attraction, to watch the band possessing the commonest degree and type of usefulness. Seeing the projected visualization, re-finding his projected finger, he notices his finger skate tricks in the trackpad's sensitive arena cause screen redraw blocks - black and white cake. Grinning and index finger dancing to my startled appreciation, he spends far too little on anything. dabbling in light waters, but got too cold and got out. I bet the "random" plug-in select threw him off but that's not verifiable by anyone. the zebra flicker might only look good with a purple which was perhaps as evanescent as the rest.

Ma Seeger of Bielefeld's verbal style sets it off

obtained under false preview:
pre--interlang-surface posts recap here:

M. defocused hair spins in chaotic toilet vortex +0
pardon my shaky hands, I first looked in wondering if I had to vomit (flu this week), but became distracted by the defocused hair spinning in a chaotic toilet vortex. later taped a guide de la route fresnel to the rim for optical gain, but unfortunately couldn't focus through it. later videos of incremented names supplement focus, and the last supplies a sound track in collaboration with

C. defocused hair spins in chaotic toilet vortex +1
second, if in sequence, my eyes adjust to the facts of my spinning hair fragment still remaining quiet about it. shortly the phone will ring: dial -1 (parent title, +0) for more details; dial +1 (parent +2) to answer it

MC. defocused hair spins in chaotic toilet vortex +2
Talk and Shoot between unseasonably well behaved state variable filters and their chaotic parents (, and nonfigurative mom on line two) and how March will be retrograde till February ( could do with some compression between these two sides of the story, or an auto-hybrid for the remake of this second sequel.

X. (It, subject) ripples off the boardwalk
Scry tool found off the boardwalk after dust allergies to Patchen's archive. I didn't yet ask Lyal what he saw, but I will.

and then finally for now
MX. Don Buchla's washing machine always excites resonances in his shelves, and it's always the transistors that shake the most. I failed catching their shakes twice in a conventional way before I decided to bring the camera and it's stand into resonance with the shelf to amplify and substantiate the shakes. My bendy legged tripod tunes in to the vigorous vibrations quite easily; in fact, perhaps the remake of this third try calls for heightening mistuning and insensitivity

So, Mama Max,, thanks