Mobile Geometry Crimpshrine

masking tape floors in angle declination, pranced (sweatpants!)
house wiring, undedicated to signal type, impedance-couplings-
agreements Standards Recognized: vinyl speeds' motors «Harry
Pussy records» helical scan ratios, graphics file formats..
     (house data rates, phones, encryptions, recordings) half-dots
     bookshelf concomitant relationships research catalog
        collaborator synchronizations: RealTimeClock,
        collision detection/protocols, dark room timers
sweeping, nailbrush, wire brush, Thorndyke's toolset:
        "willesden" [cupric/cuprous oxide, zinc oxide, ammonia]
                                                                 canvas, (paper!) hand-box
        insulfator, idioform dust
        microscope, slides, stains, reagents, glassware!
        spirit lamp
        lock-picks! tweezers, forceps, scissors, screwdrivers,
        vacuum pumps blowers, filters
"I see you have your mysterious little green box up on the hat rack" 
"I never go away from home without it"
little square case- a foot square and four inches deep- like a doll house
        spring-tape, micrometer, slide-rule
it looks like a toy, but it isn't one
"Novelist's Tools / ephemera div. "
(concepts- again-bite; woven glossary of rhetorical terms)
mobile geometry unfolding quilted backpack layout

Lights! J/+\R/+\P/ T\-/I\-/P/ XLST/ FXP/
(pack list: knob training,

harpsichord: come ! on ! tell ! me ! about ! it
swingles' bach (jesu), Jacques L O U S S I E R «take it easy»
Charlie brown christmas Guaraldi
Rose in Spanish Harlem • It's Love That Really Counts THANK YOU
some millitary march transposed into almost leroy anderson but with tight bass.
some slow ECM beauty, maybe keith jarrett • copeland? • Vitamin C Graduation
Swingle Pachelbel Canon
Down in the valley the shepherd sees
His flock is close at hand
And in the night sky a star is falling down From someone's hand
This time I will take the lead somehow
Several Synth Bachs 
Hall+Oates-When The Morning Comes
mystery 70's metal precussion and flute track,
          violin is coming chorusedECM, multiphonics
tomita debussy (sunken chapel, looking down on bells under water, hart Crane's ATLANTIS,
PIXIES Waves Of Mutilation LIVE
end of encore [fast version/slow version], quartz lamps black body radiation cool-off,
moments in film: information on these headlights curves,
TVs turning off (John Hawk, I recommend Halton Arp's Redshifts & Controversies to you)
tv turning off on ST:V.. (In Heaven Everything Is Fine)