treeburstGmHonest no/test/explode

december 9th looking in house for misplaced cellphone.

had it in my shirt pocket the day of going w/ stan and will sherwin to his storage space, stolen japan tool box.
'popeye' painting, 1776 hat snakes head in head (remake. in calendar?1 celebrate).
/Kicked in-under, dust ball,cushions, to ignored/
calls and drives, will to hospital, back to stan waited there to make police report, brought him turkey club, wrapped up "half where'd I put it?!",
so calls all over. pocket phone. amanda's mr slim- shirt.
no, even though didn't find it so certain it's not there,
for more uses later but when/where?
out to amanda hanging laundry, remember when you set an alarm,
and then unset it, but I'd set one too, so mine went off,
and you thought it was yours mis-un-set, 
right after you'd done what we set the alarm for in the first place?
(CALLED billie pills?)(still had, from foot cut in fruitvale, and remembered the prosody)
(like now prosody of eben writing me in return for the midi help. little txt. SYNONYMY OF GIFTS. our gem categories)
maybe remember, but what night was that, inserted between clauses: you should look in the cloths bench at the bottom of the bed. and I was wanting to look IN the bed too, had seen dirt crumbs and a black clothing down by the tuck before, but mysterious region.. went through the bench stack. specific contents; sweater tries for A.Walsh's birthday party, some worn, pants, scarves folded off the line, biggest jacket I wore the other day w/o any other clothes, getting down down, no phone. Having reviewed, aerated, total bed set/subset/ 
I'd already looked in the car (found ID in the underradio cupboard, missing things of a time.\subset)
looked in garage, first because of the quick unload form the car (for bringing home end of semester scrim wood), unloaded in bags of piles. looked through and no. starting to look in the concertbox from ceramics. nice feeling to look at, but also a little too fast. pleasure at my own half-ideas: weights/sizes of wrapped in paper things, still differentiated to be known. pocket jingles. related to losing and finding, carried in a box with holes, sieve, well to be contained, limit of how disorganized to be, limit of control uptightness is measure. taking things out and then saying: ah no! one dodecahedron is out from the unzipped ziplock top! looked breifly quick, oh, rewrapped the center the only kiln fired piece in paper, reweighed,  replaced re-3-placed, rows, stripes- went out to amanda holding center-wrapped and one zip- to tell her oh. and I almost thought this, when making the cad model of the dodecahedra .standard color yellow, for 2nd object, then recolored white one second, then recorded search gold. looking saying ok, and the one I have here still is the simple one, the other one I was just now getting ready to look at, after the model of the simple one, but I might have lost it, I'll look now more carefully. and went back after say a little more. un pack here and there, and find it in a back fold of the orange laminate sheet! oh ok!! happy more than the phone I said yes truely of course. and then she found the phone little later had gone through the wash in the new red courderoys. finally to look atthe gold also of the sim card back.
/////Bringing in trip, small pocket of Jansport transport,
a demonstrative, or model, mess;
some leaves are here, thank who I go to meeting
and a few things wrapped in their papers, but all of same travel size
a saved holiday caramel, clay bits,
and that saved tiviality: Mothers, enlight, THANK YOU!
a enheartened rhyme!. bevels on the hundred grid cut to a chocolate coin, medallion, parents are olympus
model theirs 

album insert invert onCe more

squeezed out of mx an Husbands.jpg
                                      an /thumbs/Husbands.jpg an all-hell.jpg
talking about history vision of companies and record labels,
whose history we make by order and time of releases,
and model numbers, matrix numbers, call numbers, form numbers
And what do I think I am doing
do company
holds, everything else, AND their relations.
so biggest I make this relationships of model numbers
and numbers' meanings by what each is, particular products.
(and, a scansion for text)
SO, how would it be, that here I let slip ,af so long, no posts,
but now suddenly, Michael Hurley inverts?!
mean for that: a reburst -out an investigation series,
sign of friction, stick-slip buds in winter, one-chatt/er
/can yes the stream of numbers can have a suddenly
/diacritic marks, (schwerner talking, say) /JJEFFREY-interviewToD
Over-flow, residue, excitement,
holding the key tightly with both hands up pressures cross and the key flips
recatch it infront again, wonder at my own clutch! and tell to loosen
honest investigator admits interest-position
share surprise
"a face made up by what is acceptable,"shows sunbeam!
actually: how else could it be. plum blossoms
//cosmic alienage with time: to self formulation, friends