Sigil Talk

While talking, I discovered I'm not saying what I mean, because the things I want to say appear before me in an unknown script-- magic sigils, composed of dances and ducking smiling profiles, besides other things I don't even know to sketch. There's a long list of questions and sorrys and thank-yous, (before you think I'm feeling bad about me, some are adressed to myself, too) but only the lowest entries are in english. I try for the middle entries, but end up with short-hand not even I can't decipher the second after. I will try again. (as soon as you call, 510 316 3404)

I realised late that I have two sadnesses, one about something and one not, but more about tenderness. and that it's hard to see both, and especially the tender one. The tender one is good, and gets me breathing right, or at least lets breathing feel like it should. I want to stay on that, upright, and send a message that I'm fine, full of love, and open for bussiness.