"He took a thin roll of blue cloth from his sleeve.¶ This contrivance was one of Tao Gan's many ingenious inventions. When unrolled, it proved to be a roughly sewn bag made out of the blue cloth that people ordinarily use for wrapping up the bundles they carry. It had a square shape, but all kinds of queer folds and spare corners had been sewn in it. By fitting together, in various combinations, the dozen thin bamboo staves inside, Tao Gan could make this bag assume all kinds of shapes-- from the square bundle containing laundry to the oblong package full of books. In his varied career this contraption had proven especially useful to him.¶ Tao Gan adjusted the bamboo staves inside in such a way that the bundle seemed to contain carpenter's tools. His transformation was completed in a few moments and soon he was walking down the pathway, his shoulders bent a little as if the bundle he was carrying under his arm was quite heavy."

rakusu/okesa pattern generated at print time from saved proportions equations, algorithms, and some measurements. --one measurement.. light blue very thin cloth, with padding, straight stitch, sleeves for staves strips, dirt rubbed in line of truss ridge, crossed diagonally, incommensurately (pentagonal angles. lattice darkened at crossings (first WAVE OFF VHS video synthesis) incommensurate ("problem #E2007"...)) by stitching for other uses configurations

faking in tradition world, signs of tradition: color coding, color meaning, shape code, out of the bushes on to the pathway