,first mention of

> TO DO Audiobooks for Club post-it  
   Fortunately, Ezra has invited me to join in formation of an audiobooks-trade-association at a time. AND just then also relayed an invitation to performance of graphic scores exhibit.
file names of (10n-1)/9 sort by weight, to hand sort or sieve through,
aversion to CD subcoded track markers..
(but 10 years fascination with subcoded indices, and subcode generally, from housesitting a jazz-cd-player)
aversion to seeing track times sliding by or listed close to listening- but also sorting files by length.
drinking water mostly direct from the tap, not wanting to 'measure' it first, but measure it with thirst, or even better to not measure the thirst. the happier the lower I have to crouch to the dog fountain by the trail THANKS! 

Bought my first calendar, but not before joss paper to mount with it and already thinking movable post-it for calendar
and how else it shall be. flap calendar's image should be permanent, typographic, flat averred face, withstanding . rare to find, but I have seen that in one lucky restaurant. cf the business of luck. luck printery. and in a neighboring file: my union mark impressions, and maybe the staple that saddle stitches a one sheet handout at the concert.

How will all the notes find themselves in a good disposition (fraternal, exaltation)?
the metronome's place here