female tape music

I went to Mill's Music 252 (seminar in electronic music performance) final concert last night. Was looking for Annie Lewandowski as I entered and there by missed picking up a program and out of about 6 things where composer-performers didn't appear (tape music, and one live coding improvisation) I thought vaguely 'oh, this one might be by a woman' of about 2 or 3 of them. later looking at the program, and recalling my many reactions, I slowly realized I was right. that's disconcerting to me. I did however think it a little about the live coding duo (performers represented by side-by-side televised screens. with a little bend in the middle. a really nice touch. I'll try to explain the bend later) (of whom, I thought perhaps one was a woman. and didn't establish which of the two it would be. it was sort of shapeless, but less the right coder who was using linux. and color coded differently), and was wrong. now what was I picking up on? and could someone help me with a t-test or something?

and by the way my favorite moment was in female Andrea Williams' piece. and I think it might have been a female moment. or at least having female concerns. a particular one which I think my own music may have too (hopefully), and that I think Stockhausen's sometimes does too (like when he uses recordings of voices to make "colored silences". but actually, I now realize I hear that as (very) male still...). the moment in question is maybe better described as originating in female concerns, but leaving them, or relaxing the grasp on them. the time of relaxing the grip

And both females with pieces on the concert have first names that could be male names: Andrea and Laurie. and there was one performer-not-composer: Christina (playing violin. not harp at least. but then, being a performer-not-composer, maybe violin is more characteristic than harp. I'm on attack now) There were female listeners. I wonder if they heard what I did, or if anyone did really. this has got me acting weird asking weird questions
I asked my mom about it, and I said 'it's weird, right?' and she said (among other things) 'yeah, it's not supposed to be like that'.

I think the female feeling has to do with conceptual orientation. concerns..