SYRINX Nov20th Godwaffle

↓In model, sounds are used to indicate the elements too far away (possibly this distance is partially in the future, so we may come closer as we go) to render physically, the information transduced into reality by the flaps/wings/umbrella[Jerry Hunt] - temporary structures to generate darkness (indicator of strength. deep pleasure of activity in darkness, and apparatus for them↓) motorized to become "privacy screen" hologram/orbit flecks[Samuel Delany]
                                                     careful modulation of low light (cinema)
One aspect of model is distance from core suspension; over-printed, folded-paper clothes display. gold spraypaint (TeX defined programmed patterns and motifs) + motifs
no props · Nōh
commemorative videotape DVD to be sold immediately afterwards (end in infomercial) including footage prepared before and live footages, animations, patterned(-time) light strobes. rendering time again into still life models- Getting In

MISS YOU STILL(fixed distance)

"who's gonna understand me" (all descending steps, the first one biggest by far, crossing ranges)
EML-100,200:Buchla-100,200 suggested use of epoxy looks like my friends «Occupy Wealth» , as opposed to archival methods