kinds of rewarming!

In connection between the last thermodynamics question's lifelike expansion and the talk on kinds of heat and kinds of cold, I've uncovered some precursors in Sigmund Rascher's work. His translators mention both "dry cold" and "animal warmth", the special transference of the latter being investigated following Himmler's intuition. My intuition agrees entirely, in fact, that I'd be more likely to be returned from freezing to the living by the tapping of sensual, psychic, erotic energies in aid of the mechanical ones.

some bits from the Nuremberg trial transcripts:
"What is an airfleet or flight surgeon or sea rescue service to do when they fish a man out of the North Sea? Are they to warm them in blankets or warm them in a cradle, or give them whiskey or put them in a hot bed or treat them with diathermy of the heart."

"Just as the temperature is reduced more quickly by cold water than by cold air, so an increase in temperature is better attained by warm water than by warm air. We found most successful the effect of so-called ultra-short waves in rewarming. While a rat, with its critical body temperature of nineteen degrees, recovers totally in thermostatically controlled temperature of forty-two degrees in about three-quarters of an hour, it can, subjected to such low frequency alternating currents (Verschiebestroeme), appear almost entirely normal in its motor and sensory reactions after two to three minutes. The observation that in a hot sand bath the rewarming occurs as rapidly as in a hot water bath seems to be of practical importance."

Prosecution Exhibit 105 isn't available on the network yet, but a transcript of it's partial reading is:
Experiments for re-warming of intensely chilled human beings by animal warmth.

A. The purpose of the experiment: To ascertain whether the re-warming of intensely chilled human beings by animal warmth, for example, the warmth of animals or human beings, is as good or better then re-warming by physical or medical means.

B. Method of the experiments: The experimental subjects were cooled in the usual way, clad or unclad, in cold water of temperatures varying between fo[u]r degrees Centigrade and nine degrees Centigrade. The rectal temperature of every experimental subject was recorded thermo-electrically. The reduction of temperature occurred within the usual span of time, varying in accordance with the general condition of the body of the experimental subject and the temperature of the water. The experimental subjects were removed from the water when their rectal temperature reached 30 degrees Centigrade. At this time the experimental subjects had all lost consciousness. In eight cases the experimental subjects were then placed between two naked women in a spacious bed. The women were supposed to nestle as closely as possible to the chilled person. Then all three persons were covered with blankets. The speeding up of rewarming by light cradles or by medicines was not attempted.

C. Results:
1. When the temperature of the experimental subjects was recorded it was striking that an after-drop of temperature up to 3 [degrees] C occurred, which is a greater after-drop than that seen with any other method of rewarming. It was observed, however, that consciousness returned at an earlier point, that is a lower body temperature than with other methods of rewarming. Once the subjects regained consciousness they did not lose it again, but very quickly grasped the situation and snuggled up to the naked female bodies. The rise of body temperature then occurred at about the same speed as in experimental subjects who had been rewarmed by packing in blankets. Exceptions were four experimental subjects who, at body temperatures between 30 [degrees] C and 32 [degrees] C, performed the act of sexual intercourse. In these experimental subjects the temperature rose very rapidly after sexual intercourse, which could be compared with the speedy rise in temperature in a hot bath.

2. Another set of experiments concerned the rewarming of intensely chilled persons by one woman. In all these cases rewarming was significantly quicker than could be accomplished by two women. The cause of this seems to me that in warming by one woman only, personal inhibitions are removed, and the woman nestles up to the chilled individual much more intimately. Also in these cases, the return of complete consciousness was strikingly rapid. Only one experimental subject did not return to consciousness and the warming effect was only slight. This person died with symptoms suggesting cerebral hemorrhage, as was confirmed by subsequent autopsy.

D. Summary:
Rewarming experiments of intensely chilled experimental subjects demonstrated that rewarming with animal warmth was very slow. Only such experimental subjects whose physical condition permitted sexual intercourse rewarmed themselves remarkably quickly, and showed an equally strikingly rapid return of complete physical well-being. Since excessively long exposure of the body to low temperatures implies danger of contral damage, that method must be chosen for rewarming which guarantees the quickest relief from dangerously low temperatures. This method, according to our experiences, is massive and rapid supply of warmth by means of a hot bath.

Rewarming of intensely chilled human beings by human or animal warmth can therefore be recommended only in such cases in which other possibilities for rewarming are not available, or in cases of specially tender individuals who possibly may not be able to stand a massive and rapid supply of warmth. As for example, I am thinking of intensely chilled small children, who are best rewarmed by the body of their mothers, with the aid of hot water bottles.

Dachau, 12 February 1943.

(Signed) DR.S. RASCHER

So as we deduce when moving from the longest-coffee-heat problem to the longest-body-heat one, heat is not just physical, one woman serves better than two for the reheating of a frozen man.

What's more, some of the report's unread bits are at least described: graphs showing the time-course of the rewarming, organized by type, and of particular interest, distinguishing the cases where intercourse followed from those that didn't, showing they grasped more of our nature than many of us today! These plots that I hope to see someday I'd file along side Reich's electrical recordings of orgasms: precious signals

precious signals

Signals! how to both make them and get to keep making them. So-- how to make the most, best.

thinking of Kay Sorg, my 8th grade science teacher, who once asked the question of whether boiling coffee and chilled cream should be combined early or late to longest preserve their combined heat, makes me think of the question of Shakuni's blood's best chance for revenge. His entire family was imprisoned and fed only enough for one with the hope they would all die. The solution to that thermodynamics problem was not to share the food but to feed it all to the youngest life, their best chance at revenge.

When should the cream's and coffee's heat be combined with the body to sustain its heat for the longest duration? I believe Kay Sorg faces the possibility of imprisonment now, and I'd like to present this and the other questions it brings up to her. (how many calls from prison are we now allowed? what precious signals!- to pass along a puzzle in moments that lasts for years (for me it's another ratio of 6 or 7 orders of magnitude!)!)

how to best bring the other world here. how to open the space most, longest, best/
Staying alive is part of it, and staying awake, and being rich might be too!

Rényi's machine for turning what temperature coffee into theorems: bringing the other world.