lists I'd like #2 and 3

"The young man, smiling mysteriously, dropped something into Robert's hand. Robert looked. It was a dog whistle.
'Good afternoon,' the young man said again to a well-dressed businessman behind Robert, handing him an English penny. He gave the next person a flat balloon. A woman wrapped in furs got a small dead fish." (from Lisa Goldstein's The Dream Years)

Yesterday, Will Sherwin, making an example said something like "when you're a kid and there's a game where you turn over some cups, and each one has something different underneath, like a plastic centipede, and a little mirror, and another one will be a prism."

I used to write down the numbers different people used to mean A LOT, like John Dietrich almost always uses 47. He'll say something like "they had literally like 47 thousand different flavors! I shit you not." or 4 and 7 in some other combinations

Mike Grost says 4 and 7 along with 1 and 9, because of their written representations' strong vertical strokes are used on the costumes of fictional heroes and sports stars. here's something from his Election Day Mystery: "Paul's uniform, like those of the other community policemen, had huge Sergeant's stripes on its sleeve. His name tag read 'Sgt. Henderson'. His badge number was 7194. All the badge numbers were made up of four digit combinations of 1, 4, 7, and 9. There were 256 such combinations, more than enough for the community police. The badges were made of a metal alloy with unusually high reflectivity. Any light shining on them would glitter and glow. So would the insignia on his uniform collar and shoulder epaulets, and the large silver flashlight Paul wore in his belt. Paul was always glittering like a hero in the movies."