hair dimensions alphabetized

How much hair does one need to be able to flip it? Separating the question by dimension, I need very few hairs do it, if only long enough.

Read a bit today on dimensional formulae after alphabetizing a list of words for coffee from languages of differing orthographies. That was fun for a start, and now I feel like alphabetizing units by their dimensions: first would come the dimensionless constants, then dimensionless units, followed by length, area, volume; mass.. starts to get funny here, and the fun is a bit like gray code, but brighter!

the dimensionless units might like better to be folded over the rest showing their spacious origins;
parting the hair before flipping it

column's counter

The talk about kinds of heat brings us naturally to IR and wanting to put Infrarotheizung in the walls. From here, I think of Wittkower opposing wall-architecture to column-architecture, and of columns as my idea of a fun time. So, together, I see now IR emissions from columns opening the way for me to live in an opened column environment-- I won't need walls when I have heat!

this brings me to my question: I think I once saw on TV (Square One, I think) a formula for the number of columns visible when standing inside an array of them, but I can't find it now. How's it go?

when considering the limit of visibility of the distant or nearly occluded columns, think on the surprising durability of my 1 minute memory at a distance of ~20 years: a range of 10 million to 1! I know not all the minutes stand out so strongly, but many certainly do, and the televised formula's minute of fame has come to me not just this once, but many times since. I recall remembering it being driven past fields planted in grids, trying to catch the passing shapes waves in the column's varying visibility.

How's it go?