listening right now to♩≅126 , all sixteenths (relation to syllable length, etc)10 groups of 17+(1 silent) abstract clicky pulses alternating with half-time fade away fallow and back
(12, 10, 9+1/2+(1/2)? certainly calm, not counted, actually MM dropped for fixed unrelated interval, twice)

Pulses are synthesized in wandering phase lock, shifted at every pause.
just at the pauses and fade, Columbo episode Publish Or Perish punched in.

shape tech 2

found a knob I like_____420610017..._
           '/Y_/'              \
         .P' /"-----''''''''''''+
         |   /                  |
        .' _/                   |
   _,..<'::/                    -+.
   +-'''. /     . . . .... . . `|,'
    \._   '                     ,/

has a seam, it's a cast resin that's been sanded and worked a bit, 2 set screws.
it's indicator is a curved cutout that gives a surprising kind of precision in the suddenness of wiping the graduations. (like how distortion/folder circuits bring out hidden interior aspects of the sounds?)
Research into properties of variations on the curve of the cutout. relationship to lensed skirts I've seen?

anyone know about this knob? who made them, material, process..