how is it going farmer's timescale /wish you'd visit soon
my smell is getting good, skin peeling away from under nails (duration of work impressions) soon over.
little thorns around cuticle so kindly treated clear eyes
attention in showering to guiding of smell, what much to wash away, appreciation of changing state,
choosing which clothes to wear, which wrappings mostly used in fixed combinations (second rate and
style of loosing resetting)
chewing at the blister skin, not going directly to healing or remedy, but waiting the way look
somewhere else.. water puffs off, moisturizer smell smoothing I imagine is the smell of some lost illicit drug
particular good feeling could trace a bit if forced but it's gone now
mildew smell in amma's old sweater, I could know which in stumbling to accept, a face made up
by what is acceptable shows sunbeam