beautiful light at night: central room with lights out, lights of all adjoning rooms on, coming through the folding doors and two-way fireplace. interest in the architect that used to live here. catalogs that used to come for him after we'd moved in. mail for me!

record cover invert !

am pleased to say Jeff Mills knew about this too! back cover of From The 21st
Makes sense as he definitely has the mind to appreciate the implications
The attention that he has asked be paid to the total mental states and positions of other electronic musicians, he himself very much deserves. I have been studying all available statements in hopeful preparation for an interview.

blindfold coming of age present

one technique, employed on blocks, of organizing in my room
is to think how I would do it if I were blind, and with the blindfold test and check, test and check,
to think of overall forms for blind use and to build up areas that can be used blind. still starting out!

blinds over certain drawers, a slit black cloth hands can go in easily. like the door top curtains seen in Japanese public houses I imagine. reading Nō plays, often people are walking travelling on the road, and it is said travellers who spend a night under the same tree or who share water will be friends in the next life.
Who all we forget. to renew an old excerise I didn't do enough of back when I thought of it (~8 years ago! after hearing about Disko Bob's private shrine) visualize everyone I know at a spring garden party together, making a souvenir photograph towards the end. friends of the blind, that we don't see them when they're away.
the records on the shelf are attracting my attention, how to address them. thinking of black paper pleated to form a blind surface to represent them, just to remember the little step I have taken. (? pleating machine diversion)
hopeful dreaming of certain projects given over to the domain of blindfolded work. a product developed entirely sightlessly. assembly-language-crystal formation tool, perhaps. other ideas.
what comes entirely from my mind? distancing from building of tools for ourselves. I would believe if I was told "No, these are not so personal questions at all, we have a science and teaching of it, come"

I should say a same question has to do with forgetfulness. moment to moment I have forgotten who I know or the Strapping Fieldhands 10"s that are on the shelf. (story of a friend who in temporary short term amnesia lost the fact that he had broken up with his girlfriend, when she visited to see how he was recovering, he was surprised to hear it and "oh why?" :"I don't know")

this particular set of wonders right now of mine, though formed from long in development elements, I will have turned away from sometime too. If you call me now, if you call me later.