'use case' R-C-A

more along the same, about how people use their collections
I use my os x.4.11 dashboard to short-term remember numbers, just one button away
Clear braille stickers on a few keys, working on a button for cat-proof-mode (run Jan Lehnardt's KeyboardCleaner.app, toggle num lock on. suggestions appreciated)
what else..requests: stroboscopic screen blanker tachistoscope would be useful for isolating periodic stuff in video, at the moment find myself blinking at my screen trying to hold steady. More types of filters for, or for some thing like, flux.app. wratten 90.. more control in the dimmest ranges.. turn off LEDs on power-supply connector, sleep indicator.. !Jiggler..
keyboard overlays, what else's in that bag?

How Deep Is Our Stack1?

two weeks ago passed over an email question that I didn't have anything for, but spontaneously yesterday or the day before while driving thoughts and second thought oh, suitable reply. left it again, until this morning

part awake, reasoning, but on premises continued from this morning's dream, different endings, film editor- a joke was putting a lavender bath robe on one of the news anchors. long solution I was proud of finding, excited by the possibilities of, was to tape on to the bottom third or fourth or so with clear packing tape a particular type of clean black debris- old headphones, for example, but slightly less literal (too many highlights, reflections) constant density of these shapes, as if scrolling, along the bottom, throughout the end section at least. one solution for all- I'm calling a 'long solution' (maybe like 'all along').
[feels a little like interests in intensity change automation (for example, cassette tape dropouts, lengthening fade outs, momentary lights dimming when the refrigerator turns on). Was playing with a Buchla 291e last night for the first time in a year or so. I think that might have been where I was driving to, to borrow a power supply]

Was reasoning like that for some time. finally other set of premises appearing over several long-thought?-moments, but I rolled on my side and open up my computer to to them. Remember being quite old, ?17,18 when I first saw clearly other peoples' morning discomforts, friend Max Seeger having to put his 'brain back together' almost every morning. a culture of that when living with his family I hadn't seen. morning newspaper etc.. I'd never thought of that!
reading morning's newsletters emails, remembered to send off the new reply, pleasure of searching through the 2 weeks backlog knowing what I was looking for