more use-attention notes

round drum stick tips regularize the sound, reducing variation by stick angle.
sort Cosmetic's brushes bring feeling out to looking on.
buying of glitter paper yesterday, specular reflections reject first store's product.
method of forming ensemble statistics of glitter orientations.
no store of the perspicacity
who would know where to buy the different disposition qualities of glitter paper?
who collects and practices answering such questions?

A Second Favorite

Isn't it nice to have a second favorite thing that perhaps can cast a light on your favorite?
Yesterday, after preamble (preamble is also very nice to have), I did not go past the exploratorium's 1DOF-inverted-pendulum (IP). many things can happen there. and when it was time for breaks there was a observation area below for watching other arms at it. The second favorite had it- a 2-plane-symmetric bench bench on wheels actuated by a very reducing gear train leading from a little hand crank spindle set in the top of the bench breaking the usual bench symmetry but not the extra one, leading the way like a train's stack towards the balcony over which the balancing arms show.
(first guess, second guess; preamble, favorite, second favorite. at first guess the reduction ratio was something like 1000:1)

While swinging and holding inversion I tried loosening body things, breathing, feeling my knees, as I have heard christine say about singing. Also introduced eyes closed, and alternate visual fixations. start A little study of the free sliding movements of the hinge point. Identification of persons by their pattern of corrections. (knock-box or knock-lock, and a safe breaker in that world, an impersonator at low-consciousness, maybe closer to a forger)

a favorite and a place from which to observe the favorite also nice
most direct observation of the bench's progress was found in the angle of my knees as I sat astraddle as over a 7½" gauge steam train. body concerns! Just before we had been in consultation with people looking at us as music-people which surprised me, that there even was something like that, a music person. now Laura was off in the sound-exhibits, but I with the first and second places, on the stair down from the balcony to the bench thought ? my category body person