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Mineshaft zCesspit

brought up to full consciousness (not that that's that important, but it is my business here) just now, after the shower ends, and the column of water is released through the faucet I like to have the side of leg in proximity to receive the gush, since my teens. If recently connected it to the Delany's passage in The Mad Man in the Mineshaft wherein the stranger approaches and says something like "How does it feel to be in a place where anyone might just walk up and start pissing down yo leg?" and find myself looking for the direct wording when the moment approaches. And that it's a totally different interest of mine when the sound of the gush much delayed comes out of the bathroom to the bed where I'm lying having forgotten entirely about it.

is it the Mineshaft? some name like this.
He also has that whole sequence of bars named Pit. Starpit, et seq. ending(?) on the bar in Hogg whose name is seen only partially the some-thing-Pit. Seen reversed, from behind the glass, in an arch ending T-I-P

>Pamphlets on Games

hellovision, radio HELO

Delight in collecting materials to show a few friends Carrom, like my dad showed me. A new carrom-powder: 'anti-offset' from the world of printers [visits to David Lance Goines' place after the neighboring rock shop had closed; his kind present to me (that I think I later cut up in trying to understand it, now see it would have been worth hundreds of deserts today), his present reminding of the Davis garage sale Mucha print I had as a kid framed under dusty glass][it occurs to me just now, a note for future investigation: perhaps a wine collection of bottles only labeled with Goines' designs would give me a forgetting of what a bottle of wine without him looks like. a new motivation for collectors]

a study of starch grains (under microscopy, as Thorndyke. fed to microfiche machine), their relationship to friction. My search for structure in the field of emergent textures; my prize cellophane bag of bean starch, for it's feel. I may open it today! for starching the carrom board