some computer questions

I've been asking a few questions here recently. so here's one more from the vaults:

Is there a internet search engine that pays attention to punctuation marks?

I was also going to ask how to tick GUI checkboxes from the keyboard as I've been trying to use the keyboard more (and one-handed, and left-handed, and mousing reverse-grip left-handed, too. Actually, I'm trying to get past even that now, to just keeping on the flow and feeling both hands as much as possible), but I figured it out: once you TAB onto one, SPACEBAR does the trick.

a little on driving

I note here, something I haven't seen mentioned before on the subject of driving:
the effect of accelerations on the vertical tracking (pitch) of the road surface. I noticed this early on in a gross way, feeling my way over speed bumps, that decelerating coming onto the bump and accelerating while leaving it keeps the car tracking the surface smoothly. I had supposed the principal similar to popping a wheelie: accelerations first tend to pitch the car's nose up decelerations, down, but now that I write out these two long growing parts of my idea they seem to not lay quite as neatly together as one thing like I'd imagined. Maybe "tracking" was the wrong image-- if only for the reason that I see now it leaves out entirely the shock absorbers, leaving them to be canceled by my foot's activity. Well, I'll just watch more what happens: that's what I'm really aiming at here anyways.

Another thing I've started to pay attention to while driving is hitting the little reflectors glued to the lane divisions when changing lanes. Trying not to touch them has given me a finer perception of the total road surface. It helps to have these tricks of getting to perception and away from oversimplifying reality.