Last weekend I stopped at a public park to read and watch soccer. and as I usually do I watched by finding particular players to follow, people who move in a way, either I know about, as my own, or in a way I wanted to learn about. the first one that I started to follow, green number 7 in a multi-line font (with a hooked 7, which I haven't found yet), moved in someways like me. and after a while I was watching his team mate #10 also, who had something similar. ( the other team had a #100 in a sleeker multi-line, red on yellow with black pinstripe) and I saw #7 hurt his knee, and like I did when I first hurt my knee after a while of hopping along and easing into it, he started playing again. I was watching very closely now. he seemed ok and I thought, 'oh, he's more resilient that I was, maybe this happens all the time to them.' but then in a little skirmish the same knee fell apart at a stupid time when it shouldn't have, just in a wrong light touch. and he went to the side and took off his shin covers. I remembered the way I had watched the game proceeding after I had stepped out of it. I hadn't been able to really watch well but now I could