The X-Rays

1 screeching weasel- You Blister My Paint
Hearts are moving Up and Down,
Hearts are moving In and Out

It's June 5th, and as per Rey's invitation published here first, I visited him at People's Park.
2 Factory- Gone
told him I loved his book, and he said the next one would be better still because he'd had to cover so much in the first book that he hadn't time to get into the character's thoughts.// ///
I felt as if I was the protagonist of one of his stories coming to the park open to intrigue. I wondered then if He'd read Delany.

3 Tiger Trap- Puzzlepieces
he was happy to be able to tell people that parts of the book occurred right there in people's park.
I remembered that it was at the flea market that I told him when some guy had stolen from him, and as a present of recognition, he let me take a minor threat CD home.
{4 FYP- I Don't Want To Sit Next To You
5 Jeff Lynne- Pie In The Sky}
He was so nice to everyone who came to his booth, very open and caring, letting them bargain with him so nicely. reaching out, and turning aside people's weird probing emotional stabs, he's a master! his booth-mate repeatedly deflected Rey's operational communications , subtly trying to make him look up tight but His good nature continually won out.
6 Basic Channel- Q1.2
He told me a little about the unseen and unsuspected (see upcoming post for discussion of the NWO)
7 Legendary Pink Dots- 1001 commandments
He showed me how to wrap white sage, and talked to customer-visitors about the different kinds of sage. He was bemused about what seemed to bring sales, and asked his booth-mate about his sage sales (none that I saw), who as I said replied coldly.

I wondered as I often had before about Rey's finances. He is Jimi Hendrix returned, purged of some of the disturbing drives we hear tell of. Intelligent into private space. (he might say it's public!) Seems he funds his exploration by opining that his finds are worth the communities' funding. Once he told me he'd sell my record at his booth, and when I politely (I thought) said "OK, but you might want to hear it first, I mean you might not like it", he said No, all artists should be supported, regardless of whether he or anyone else likes it.
8 GODFLESH- Tiny Tears
9 Velocity Girl- Always
I'd like to add to my prior review: While his book is about extremely unusual matters, he himself is a very plain-speaking person.
10 Wipers- I Don't Know What I Am
I think for him also truth and otherness relate, but he's able to see that otherness as a part of himself better than any I know.
11 pixies- Caribou (live, from TenDollar-075)
12 jawharp recording made during the Fahnestock expedition
13 Velocity Girl- Sorry Again
14 Screeching Weasel- 53rd and 3rd
15 Screeching Weasel- I Wanna Be Naked (Demo)
16 Can't- Songbird
Rey told me that If I'm open to it my unsuspected aspects of reality may open to me
17 Depeche Mode- Any Second Now (Voices)