detour orange excitement (vague soots)
in setting up the 1960's era chem lab I'm learning a bit more about soxhlet extractors among other glassware, and have found Wikipedia's illustration in error: the water inlet should be at the top of the condenser due to the 'countercurrent principle', at work in flow through gills, for example. will contact, make username etc, but slowly.
wondering on that other pedia
'as usual', 'nicht zu schnell', other markings
bruckner and mahler too quietly
Thirsty years old
figured the CD I heard a few minutes of that stuck in mind back in 2000 was probably Yasunao Tone's Solo for Wounded CD. His music now sounds the way I remember his CD of back then sounding, but the record itself sounds a bit dry now. So, I was thinking, I got his message relative to the age. interesting when looking for the new way. some years ago realization/imagination of Don Buchla's drive for the next next next way, having made it on a breakthrough once. at least that's the Eklavya-vision