Sitting's old, try lying

in solution of chair problem, obviates sitting by zip up molded cushion cover on which to lay and work, which rises to any level easily, a limitlessly extensible mechanism.

Typing while lying, typing on Tippa writing on specialities of some generalizable interest, to non-specialist giving the use-flavor of the field

Roll over on back to ceiling-projected screen. light tubes in solar projection lens project. blasser's controller

design of chairs also, for music and for bench work, eating there
A Sure Way to Solve our Questions of Survival
WE Take as Axiomatic the sacred character of Fire
upon which We Base our Lives


The Gods Are Laughing At US - Chronic Disorder
Let's Rab! - The Donnas
Albany Punks (california)
MUDHONEY- Here come's sickness on 1989 alternate studio versions HIV Groupie Hits Pack 33 at 45R; then Eruption! at 33R We Know What I Need with Blasting Kicks!!! FFFFFF!!!
The Dead C= The White House (Paint It Black)

Smile ID

Fairly usual looking person to be served before me at the local copymat reveals a very unusual smile. The server returns with her passport photos for inspection and she asks 'can I smile more?', and they reply 'no, they want a neutral expression,' But for identification, that smile would really help!