Cleaning Times

I start to recognize the assignment of textures replacing conventional notion of cleaning and organizing.
creating textures by organizing self-similarity areas, and also using those textures in organizations.
was I saying some weeks ago that I've now by impulse enough stuff that I can enjoy by recombining. enough material, like a band. (right amount of material) (kinds of paper wappings)

placing some photo clippings around the room to indicate future developments: coffee service below the scope cart, theater riggings to control velvet curtains. evaluation period pictures of airplanes and cars, perhaps to be replaced by scale models. photo albums of clippings towards bedtime books in the making. TV monitor banks used as temporary viewing ports on successions of these useful images.
thinking about tv broadcasts and magazines specifically as sources for this kind of useful thought-imagery, picking out which magazine to read, design of information scanner.

Turrell Saint-Exupéry