taking books apart, putting in orbit, one field pages

how should things be treated, beyond correctly presevation
that they are combined, let to exist and live together, exchange contact (wind for plants)
what marrs are light and showing a airy travel, which are ugly and pressing clammy piled
mass of material in life, continuity and cohesion of invited substance, strength of attraction, holding and living as pull for these categorizations,
evenness of types, (chinese paper for example, packaging of poisonous food. like ?conceived?grux' evenness of handling political paper. Havel's power of the powerless)
slow unbinding of my books, loose pages
materiality flows curves
making mass electronic equipment separability

and to fix again some mishandling collapse, feeling crystals, [beauty-full orgonite] smells, cooking, smokes humidities fungshui vapors sounds
sunlight bending folding
light shows anything
bouncer-flappers streamers' waver

letter to sabiston on physical analogs of christmas' eve 2011

william!! merry christmas eve! just had a brainwave it'd be good to send over some notes right now.
The very latest thought: I remembered an old stereophile story
"I had assumed that he had explained that this would be a different
kind of listening test."
the whole thing is a favorite read of mine here! and there's this article with a bit about the situation from a social theoretic standpoint, more to come!----------------------
SO to the brainwave: that'd make a great product I thought, could cost less on the same order as costume. I bet that could get the colors and softness.
goodbye John Stevens. identification, my body (shoulder, rocking, mouth) when I play drums.

Graphic codes in cover art to identify/name quality of processes used in transfer: stuttered BAMBI rubber stamp to mean some particular strobe range.. some indication of how the sound enters the visual:the particular transfer. I can come back to the GIG cover to make it in whatever graphic convention emerges.
a "periodic table of the videos" to do many and see what we are doing.
am especially curious to see how color patterns at this level. searching now for some single atemporal/fascinating  idol representation of the total color feeling of a tape.
Electromyographic study of eye movements.
to do "eye tracking" but NOT w/ assumptions about space spatial coordinates/ frames. "space has as many dimensions as I have muscles" [poincare from Science and Hypothesis second book in pile to have next to the scope at least. selection of binding for position. several editions of same, their positions in the stack]
Blindness- zatoichi and the sea (#11- "...and the doomed man")
pan-and-scan comics
scanning posters: grid typography
derive control signals from physical camera movements.
[feedback into] tripod physicality: sustention of branches, knob wands exercise, haptic feedback in metronome.

OEI shapes. spotlights. projecting shadows. geometric projection. implied surfaces. think about ways to specify the second surface electrically. primatives should be complex enough to generate much, or have complicated parts, and simple parts.. pan over to the simple part..I have a partial spatial object/interaction in mind, but find it hard to express here. connected to my thinking about primitives generally in synthesis (audio synthesis) gosh maybe primative is not even the accurate word. I'll work on this! the key word for me here is spotlight. I had at some point an image in mind of a spotlight from above to light what's happening in the video image, and I thought it could happen with the OEI if it had some extra forming of it's scan, and I was thinking about what would be ways to set it up to specify this sort of thing. a normal/traditional synthesis approach would be to break down the total into like geometric object and then allow them to be combined in various ways.. those would be called "primitives". and my feeling is that it's be better to have a spotlight as a single "object" and maybe even go the other way and have the spotlight shape be part of a larger shape.. and have a few of these specialized things that can interact.. this is just one version of a conversation I'm having ALOT with myself!