and a spray for cleaning them
- mounts to allow stacking in series (?egypt)

code geodes (set wide, Bold)

Katie Hannon showed me a place in the sidewalk that looks like Africa on her walk home from elementary school which I still try to visit. Have seen many public notices of things nobody made looking like things we see on maps (122 + 80 comments on Frank Jacobs' Strange Maps, for example). [compare to the initially-suppressed obvious question to Ezra Buchla after hearing his very direct and literal sonification of cubic map iterations: 'how come it sounds like a modem?']

Some of the nicest things I've learned since drawing cracks and fractures, leaf venations, bubbles and maps as a kid were from Cyril Stanley Smith's Search for Structure, where he explains very nicely how each line likes to meet the others at certain fixed angles which depend on the medium. In the days immediately following that lesson I saw much commercial signage with cracking letters and learned to decode the stress-relieving patterns in my own way. For those weeks our letters became mostly patterns of tense places and places where the tension could one day escape.

This morning I asked my dad "What's a process that effects islands preferentially?" and he said "what do you mean, like erosion?" so I thought he knew what I meant, as well as I did anyways, because that was exactly the sort of picture I had in mind when I asked: running bandpass convolutions on world maps data, leaving only islands and rivers, for example, and trying to imagine what physical process could do the same things, dreaming up imaginary sea water chemical reactions

"video clip art generator" in development diagrammatically
so far seen edition of only global map pre-projections, included historical atlas data as Centennia and included also plate tectonic timescales, with many means of available projections. (also scanning, fly overs etc.) (Out of oblivion the gold has been smelted: there it gleams in the lights of the airport )
and sponge, or furniture leveling pad addition- WORLD FLAGS, to be used at least once: in preparation evening for all-national anthems concert