only in recently years have I started to think myself what Thomas Bonvalet told me in the past about the effects of the distance one is able to project personal plans or ideas into the future. He told me about when that horizon becomes very close, like not being able to see around a curve, and the bad feelings or mind-state that can accompany that. now I've said the same words in reporting about myself.
I've also been thinking about this projection on as many different scales as I can.
extending the limit of imagining the distribution of how time was used. extending self-data-analysis, in part as a way of extending the limit of projecting into the future. (note to translate into french one of the first among the other texts, if the opportunity arises)(or motive to engage more formally, that a book ought to be translated. by strength of a individual communicative push in writing, a push is called forth from readers, who as a community generate translations.)[these spatial analogies in proximity call up many possibilities, in someways like certain multi-threaded st:tng plots.]