body redundancy lineage

I talked to a person in my dream who was physically of a type that I know though the particulars I think I invented. how do you describe a type? my impression is that there are many more divisions and orders of regularity than we use in common. freckles! (possible investigation into classical conceptions, complexio, etc. maybe in relation to classical color terms, red/gold etc) Prediction of nipple's appearance, ?a good example because it is kept covered. surprise? surprise at someone's teeth? not sure if teeth enter into my conception of the types,  but bones do certainly, one's frame.

woke up with a word from the dream in mind VESPICA, with a visual impression as a product name in bold sans somewhat compressed horizontally, though after typing it, it seems to be lacking a letter. Ezra and I share his occasional impressions that the face a word is set in will make it appear to be spelled incorrectly

[in Star Trek TNG an episode often has parallel narratives, not in contact, but producing an impression of overall formalism and meaning. we speak this way too]

the person, of type HILARY, worked at the store that sold VESPICA, much like home depot, [ah, it seems spelled well now, in this relation to Hilary, if all on one line] much temporary/not-temporary plywood with hasps and padlocks (?as in back rooms of some supermarkets), circular shape to check out area (?after exploratorium), widdershins circulation, my confused wasting of time, waiting in line after line, to discover what I thought was one long line was several, etc etc. out of line and back in. wandering off saw worker Hilary pretending to hang herself with products from the shelves, a new very white nylon rope, still bundled, a metal hook with spring stays, maybe from a block and tackle? up on a stool. talked to her and understood she was just playing, but still why play at that, and she had maybe twisted her neck a bit. I felt her right shoulder which had one of the biggest knots I'd ever felt, I naturally took to kneading it, but just once as she winced a bit I momentarily reflected that I might be being a bit forward. I think I said "wow you're pretty messed up!" to somehow ease the tension and let it be ok, which worked somehow (must have been my tone, because I then momentarily reflected that it's actually a strange and not necessarily nice thing to say) she pointed to her left lower back (then I realized slowly while feeling it that her torso was the wrong way around, that she was facing me with her back). some how I took my leave of her to get back in line carrying my trivial item (yellow plastic like my cheerios day container) and passed an aisle ad for VESPICA on the way.