Park Details' Band (butterfly) shoulder Perch Patches
white and folding in embroidery instructions
space unfolding flutter path in beautiful ease!
a landing-anointing, test/anchor-sheet(flap)..
(this is energy too we should be able to tune visually)
    ..walking with new temporary local center/focus
we can use (I think Jerry Hunt was discussing in talking about discharge-planes)
    happy clothes tool
list of, you know like,
String Quartet


Is it electronic music if
The plastic bottle of nonpareils is inverted and many float in electrostatic suspension like balloons set adrift, the exact model colors of balloons, (spoolsballoons.jpg)
and their irregular avalanching takes a course of days, a real situation macroscopied

Yes, and not because of the means, but the form, and how the sound attacts cats in time
application of electrostatics to cat toys
reactive only to entities in the 7½ pound weight class (s-mystery door swings)

? percolation/random resistor nets paper
tilings/nonpareils (dioramic background? or illumination reflector)
balloon-form (upended (pended(u) ) bottle with squared vaulting) gondola contact microphone micro I
revolutionary consciousness/ 4th of july / color consiousness
leyden jar, gold foil movements. gold sputtered microphone decoration
verbal "chords" duplexion, expanding the wrong language