"desktop software", disguised
but to be able to be driven informatically by parametric::(")coded
[mouse movements, to build a linkage say, that carries noise from the hand, modulated to be transparent,
linkage studies, impromptu of plotting data, sonic transforms 'initially']
metronome in analogy to this, built on-view-of system
and doing the beautiful things a metronome does (complex of delays in trigger moments, out to chime circuit)

(easily "learnt"(without comment) and of high datarate)used
statistical, histogram module [as envisioned to study Lamé-Time-Generator sounds]
at last! first! breakthrough! of ice
to Jerry Hunt's Judge DEE!
I am shaking them!
grilled flashlight, scrape scissiors, stirrup hand

synthesized dream of making of anime hit soundstage hinge on resonant box for tank threads beautiful play
Columbo's evenings with the lights left out
end of an episode
a contemplation of the conductor and his music both a richness
He's a Married Man

I Did Deep Breathing For An Hour
meditating with the computer
note try to repeat deep breathing for a whole day
conscious control of breathing, dolphins
evolution of hyperoxygenation