Jump-upon-jump FUNdaments

maturing idea of 'collected works', in formation at least since seeing Patrin's volumes in Buffon Minéraux red cloth. like H.T. Huang in Needham. acceptance of image on shelf.
Freud Standard Edition.
needs of recollecting motivational experiments of quantum mechanics
structuring of nine month reading plan. analogy to prehistory in homeschool reading lifelist reconstruction.

J-E Deseve's drawing Dendritic Native Bismuth in Limonite from Schneeberg, Saxony with by now tarnished silver paint. Trianon's editions of Breuil http://library.ucsc.edu/sites/default/files/fawcus.fm_.tps_.pdf
(maybe relates Éditions de Oiseau-Lyre)

my favorite question at GoogleAnswers: #232918 about how to ask for the 'best book' on a particular subject