While listening today a question came 'what do you expect to learn from the best musician in the world?' or 'what do you expect to gain?'

that might help with background: Was uncovering the other day my interior image of music made right at the edge of time, pressing into the face of time as if a pane of glass, just for the duration of playing, and then backing off afterwards. idea that listening back to this later we again press up against the face of time and meet the way before. (my recollection of the noise pancakes show with 6502 ASM-crystal and snare drum)
2nd- Idea of no-music-analyst-for. there's no analyst for engine sounds, none for dripping in certain exotic climes, etc. that we might at any time be confronted by phenomena that if we attended to would reveal as much as (say, Tenney Spectral Canon for stupid example)
and third the eklavya idea