thinking about 鹿威し 添水
and Peter Ablinger piling up sound over a minute, to play back at once in a squirt.
starting to build little devices,
was surprised, in (computer)test, about similarity to HavoheJ,
(I suppose because I tested with random frequency sine waves)
and issues of phase statistics.
so, indonesia and japan

[添水(clacker)添加 (N/P-doping)]

ok why?
sinewaves for test makes the step to HavoheJ,
well, random sinewaves.whatelse is for test? BIST literature
on LFSRs (built-in-self-test), so noise, sines,
signals with ? what? axiomatic properties
a certain way of standing. (when not all the signals are standing)
standing out, image of poles out of a weakly imaged (clear?) mass
music, like havohej class/ which uses same-as-test
random sines, noise

[in writing, this time more than others, CM-oS]
[subtitle file structures/ typesetting poetry, dd]
(Fred Moten, names, Odyssey processing) (textatlas\)
thinking of extracting timing (metricity, cut list. for video.)
(just seen Michael Snow's So Is This),
and note again, a forcing note, to find the poet (a monk?) Armand Schwerner mentions using diacritics.
correctly\, it's as audio, and has to be extracted to symbolic before use