While roasting peppers at Will Sherwin's last night I asked him how the professionals do it. "with a blowtorch." and what else do they use it for? "crème brûlée". You learn that stuff on TV, I said.
and said I should get back into it, dedicate time to undedicated, defocussed wide angle information scan so I can learn more of these things I like to know.

title image: right now looking at it reminds me of marvel's Havok. I looked him up, and found most of the images not nearly as cool as I remember (from a single comic that made it's way through a very wide angle comics dump from a serious collector acquaintance to me who knew nothing about the mainstream DC/Marvel world. for something like $30 (significant at the time!) a barely-moveable-by-me cardboard box (or 2?) of comics! (would like to label possesions by how far I can move them unassisted. then figure out the same for combinations. seems obvious they have different combining properties. like periodic table of my possesions) Just a few weeks ago Eben came over for some MIDI help, and my cat visited us in the shed where we were trying this and that. was only peripherally aware of what she was doing, and then suddenly an explosion of cat and comic books from the ceiling right towards us. she walked off unphased, and I can't remember how soon I started laughing. I'll ask Eben for a narration too, and paste it here if he gives me one. it was of course the same box of comics. I never cleaned up the explosion, I wonder where Havok is now?) ..ah, I see the original costume is the one I'm thinking of. just found this that Neal Adams the costume's designer says about it:

"It was like a mime who moves around -- you look at the silhouette of the body, you don't look at the interior of the body. It seemed to me thatthat would be a great idea for a costume -- the idea of doing a silhouette like that and then doing the energy. So if you speculate on the idea, you can say the costume isn't really a costume; it's a kind of energy container through which you can actually see the energy inside of his body. So many guys draw Havok with this thing on his chest and that's not the idea; you're supposed to be able to see in the middle of his chest the energy no matter where he turns.
Tom Palmer, in order to help me out and delineate the drawing, added highlights to Havok's costume. I explained to him, "Tom, I've draw the character in such a way that you can tell what he's doing in every silhouette-- you don't have to worry about it; remove the highlights." While there are positions you could put such a character in so that you would need highlights, I made it my business when I did Havok not to put the character in those positions. If you limit yourself to certain positions, you would never have a problem; the audience never loses track of it and they get it every time."
I'll have to find that comic!!

I wasn't concious of thinking of Havok when I was drawing the title. rather all the stuff we know that we don't know we know- like from TV. those of are the kinds of questions I like to ask Lyal, as I belive I've posted here before. and other people too, but somehow I think of him as a genius of it. He and I recently talked about our once local Warehouse, and I bet he could tell about the poster racks that I think were there if I asked him to, which I plan to.