test did you do it well? did you do it at all?
it is always being done, in some way, but if understood at-all, then it is well-enough. measuring by what happens. in 'Speech Difficulty' well-at-all, to have done it at all is very good, back from the brink the direction lost melodies go

Imaginary Garden Party Photos

yesterday was shown a new face to join the party, but the posed souvenir photo wouldn't show the special attitude of listening: while someone else supposed-more-allied is talking. the photo is more a photo of my own shifted allegiance, or short freedom from allegiance, that I could take it right then, not of who's talking, but who's listening.
[this one gained not at the time, but after introspection]
need for snapshots to be reconciled with dogmatic attitude wanting only the one big souvenir

"No, these are not so personal questions at all, we have a science and teaching of it, come"

some-low-(but effective)-percentage-spandex stirrup pants under corduroys. taken off together thoughtlessly. put back on supine, under cover of a blanket. pleasure in quality of difficulties of getting them on. station moment in while observed the New-social pleasures/arts. differences- everything
This allowed to pass with out any pause, but still well enough to write about now
begun to be able to read I Ching on hexagram 10, Lî, treading on a tiger's tail works out ok. in similar fashion imagining what it is like to be in each of several positions in a situation. yellow arrow shows orienting direction of where the abstract audience/witness/society is supposed to look from. orange arrow points out first position to be examined