what is fun? part 3

Kierkegaard, thinking of James 4:8, says purity of heart is willing one thing. like this:

purify hearts, ye two-souled!
clear your minds, you doubters.
purify your hearts, you double-minded
put away deceit from your hearts, you false in mind.
make your hearts pure, you who are half-hearted towards God.

(double-mind, half-heart!
what's the only thing, there's all too little of?
enter size metaphors, which are more real than their anchors. Ask Will Sherwin (415 695 1605) how big his heart is. That's a basis-vector-- measure the world with it)

Did continue by reasoning thus: to be not-half-hearted means to will just one thing. to will one thing only, is to will the Good, no other is possible. and not just that but a specific Good: the Good in truth. because the others are all too small! can I only meet him when the biggest thing I can think of is still too small?

good is fun, but fun isn't often the good in truth, and some of us get confused