I haven't seen it mentioned any where that the Oberheim Perf/x housings are stackable. They've got four little hooks underneath that lock into what I'd supposed on first glance to just be stylish ventilation slots in the top. Certain things it's nice to have 2 of, and it's nice to think of a pair of Cyclones multiplying each other's results. (reminds that there are such things as anticyclones, too, and Stommel and Moore's Introduction to the Coriolis Force) --just now seeing 'cyclone' as a rare forceful macro expression of otherwise too subtle to notice laws as sometimes algorithmic arts give us hope of

the only place I've seen two Oberheim Cyclones in one photograph is on Tom Moravansky's website and he didn't seem to know about stacking them... I wonder what my reward will be. perhaps an introduction to whoever made the nice design for the housing, panel sticker, manual, cardboard box, etc..

When you imagine getting blown about by a cyclone in which direction are you blown? that is: is your imaginary cyclone an anticyclone? Is it different on TV in the other hemisphere?

further on the inward directions I remember Rich Shull notes that some come to his blog by searching for "looking up and to the right".
second hit on google:
(and "looking" seems almost redundant: omitting it gets you the same top hit.)

as for Lane_in_PA's comment there on her years-long search, I think the end might be Niko Tinbergen's The Animal In Its World. Volume two of which has been going around with me in my bag for a few weeks at least now. I wonder what my reward will be...

(I know much of Lane's search image doesn't fit Tinbergen, but I've mis-searched in similar ways myself plenty of times. and I didn't mean 'end' but 'end')