Methodical Concepts Driving

short hops on the freeway (intimate knowledge of the patterns of distance interactions, patterns of road surface), camaraderie through common experience of freeway detritus: collections of what appears to be (but obviously couldn't) square tissues, with a uniform way of skidding over the roadway, as if floating on our force, somewhat thicker, like magnolia petals, primitive white petals, cumpled veination. domed shapes- mysterious specificity

what can be seen, dragging or forcing aspects of following, , loose and easy movements, the apex of the curve. abstract models:+ instrument scan pattern/ personal summation and display of continuous performance data. OBDII

[more] glasses, attitude: long tapes of recorder pulled through living landscapes, contact microphonie of cat-toy-environment [both for tour, stance taking up of attitude, playing of stroke- disputation of notes into stable slower unfolding objects, slow rotation of higher dimensional objects, +with some transparency (meaning total state feeling incipit)] interaction of trills