division into essences flowing down face

first try shelving 19" rack-mount stuff in with my books.
Elka 44 under a bridge of Van Gulik, some earth energies stuff, Gulag Archipelago, Dennis Wheatley. Effectron II under, among others, Atlantean Secrets, AD&D manuals (oldest versions barely fit, later designs (Deities & Demigods, MMII) won't and had to be reshelved), video-art books, Lem. Boss half-rack effects (the sampler and delay) stacked under Viking Portable Library editions of Nietzsche and Jung. C pocket reference, Dutton edition of Blake, Wittgenstein, Dion Fortune, Lisa Goldstein.
I want badly to put a Lexicon Vortex in, but it's so shallow. And a patch bay
Proportion of 19" equipment to books ok for now (but perhaps too focused on music? check small RAID array, grass valley 900 stuff, tm506 option 10. mac mini? ask ez)

Proportion of bookmarks to books lacking. by how much?
Research making stamp bookmarks à la Brand (where are they from? who makes them!?), qualitative test of various lamination machines: Lakeshore, Kinkos, etc also perhaps different store locations use different machines/stock? (who would know/who I'd like to meet) try BMS backstage. ask Dad for groups of raw stamps.
fix copy machine contrast, ?buy shredder
rolling elements (kitchen island, scope cart, shop vac) circular carpet
Ball, hit it always the same. platonic; reduced-reliable/ [strike about]
shuttlecock similar, but with a little time feathers

Screeching Weasel- First Day Of Winter
reading it again

their First Day of Summer with that little opening Crimpshrine sound
Late Spring, Early Summer, Early Spring, Late Autumn, The End of Summer


It's Not Enough true
a while ago read in Tinbergen and Kuenen 1938 "In addition, the possible formation of positive associations was avoided by continuous alteration of the stimuli. When a negative result was obtained, we always presented, as controls, stimuli known to be very effective. As we were concerned only with qualitative analysis, we did not feel it necessary to standardize the control stimulus too precisely." and remembered Abramović's Rhythm 10.
on the continuing subject of Model Numbers, I introduce into evidence a new exhibit, the names of her first 5 works: rhythms 10, 5, 2, 4, and 0.
Buchla model numbers: 277 and 288, echos; 123 (and 146), 248, and 246, sequencers; 245, 5 segment version of same; 106 and 206, six channel mixers; 102, stereo locator...
channel 4 TV broadcast
On my wishlist, blower of the type used in her Rhythm 4