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Bookmark for Bethany Ann LaFlamme

possibly lost Birds of New Zealand bookmark my dad brought me back from Brand Bookshop.
known profile (cross sectional area function) of woven basket of bookmarks still there on the checkout counter at the 135° glasstop, brown wooden edge. wicker and his impatience so that I didn't get to look at the bookmarks, but said I'd come back some other day. someone else is probably conscious of the profile of the mouldings holding the counter together, baseboard, etc. like I remember the woodstain's viscosity and how it filled in some of that profile
reminds of Shulgin's confirmation of what I've been saying about submusic: "If I were deaf, this would have been an inactive compound. How many other drugs have appeared to be inactive because I didn't know where to look for effects?" >

Montessori number rod (alternate red-blue) 10 bookmark. palette crushed to construction paper range, laminated. My mom's construction paper collection, across product lines, some sun fading.

Nancy Lewis' rainbow ribbon bookmark on 7-count plastic canvas in diagonal longstitch. in 2 parts, a one inch square, two ribbons flying to the main 1x3 section
?maybe 5-count
mind opening a little. thank Nancy for the Shore tonight

acidwarp's readme asking to see "Heartbeat in the Brain"
me getting my wish to see a little of the vasulka's by how I'm living
saving up Boss pedals for Scott Jaeger
lets look at those wishlists!