buffer ripples, one long text buffer, with interpreted submanifolds.
gifts to Peter Naur's house
friends of the void dweller
driving in the avenues of life
and from deep then deeper
Reversing Time's Flow


a note on last post:
that chaotic filter sweep negative-pressure mouth sounds are missing the point,
though of course they will be another fork initiated by the electronics technology,
in that the feeling is there one of extreme doing-ness
where we search for less or nondoing, real-non-real

If Something Big Went Missing

playing guitar today a high fourth plus a halfstep below, 'rainbow' sound close to the bridge, I was thinking, oh, if I lost synthesizers, if suddenly it was a world where they hadn't existed, maybe I would sometimes be playing like this, trying to find the sounds again. but clarinets are lost to me, mostly. serpents, groupings-- orchestras.. this seems to clarify something about synthesizer. maybe that the playing isn't looking for new things, but looking back to things we forgot we forgot.
if a language was missing, if Singhala was, would I be looking here and there to find similar feelings? where would I even look? [Indonesian hakuru..]
when I wrote before about exiles perhaps unconsciously enjoying foods that have some minor relation to tastes they've lost, I was thinking of my parents