between gears and the transducer-myth

I just noticed that between my last post on muscle twitch speed games and a much earlier one on my guitar hero there's a memory of mine: my friend Daniel Pennypacker once got me to play a funny computer game with him. It was basically checkers, but occasionally, in order to capture an opponents piece one would have to beat them in a short physical challenge. There were several, but I only remember one clearly: producing more keystokes per unit time than the other fellow. I was very interested in that challenge in particular, and wonder now what it would be like if the challenge would go on for longer than the then-alloted 30 or 10 seconds.

by watching many competitors' fates as the time interval was lengthened we might be able to typify something about people and time. Just like I wonder how the standard footrace lengths were canonized. Perhaps we'd have a completely new crop of race winners if the lengths were all changed to others. Not too hard to count keystrokes, I don't think, so this one'll go on the to do list, but at the bottom.
PS, I can't believe I just told everyone I put things on the to do list based on how easy they are to do! I need to work this out