sister cities

seems the degree of propensity for having sister cities is a good way to match up cities in itself. Long Beach, CA's sister city Bacolod in the Philippines (ranked best place to live in the Philippines by their Money Sense magazine ( has one metal band I know of: Sevorum (was Onslaughter). [Kratornas is in very nearby Cadiz] Some songs (and not others) remind of Korihor/Maniak of infamous (in metal tape trade circles) Davao City. I'd like to build sister city parallels based on these sorts of facts like a location scout for biopics shot close to home.

and as for close to home, how about that idea of the roof of UC Berkeley's South Hall as a Mary Poppins(1964) location?! UCB might make a good sister city to Disneyland. Hidden Mickeys, hidden bear statues!

I wonder if Morgan 'Bill' Evans ever suggested any locations.
learning about microwaving bread.
my first deliberately self-microwaved food in years-
remembering afterschool TV

lists I'd like #1: inverted record covers

I'd like a list of records with photographic negative covers.
so far:
Nirvana- Bleach
the Queers- Live in West Hollywood
Venom- Possessed

and relatedly, solarized covers:
Neil Young- After the Gold Rush

reminds somehow of the last stamp show (philatelic convention) I went to, where the last competing exhibit was a single frame (16 A4-sized pages of a 'scrap book' laid out in a 4x4 grid (same as A0)) all about cats. I got so into looking at it that after a few minutes I forgot what a stamp without a cat on it looked like! the contestant's name is in my notes from that day, but not to hand at the moment. I'll look her up one of these days and thank her properly.
returned from fact-checking through editorial surprised that I can really call this "lists I'd like #1", swore I'd gotten into it before, but it seems not. tour through the past posts has got me wanting to totally restructure as LISTS I'D LIKE; I can feel the whiffs of it, but I bet it's not even that clear to anyone else. Surprised/Excited!