Gears part 2

In the shower today I altranately wobbled and tensed my thighs, which seems full enough of possibilities to serve as theme for a new sport similar in kind to the type requested in part one. Have I not seen this exact behavior in bodybuilders? So step one could be to modify body-building to focus more on body resonances than their static correlates, shape and size.

I tried supplying my thighs with impulses timed to excite the wobble resonance, but wasn't able to yet. that would be something to see though, wouldn't it-- a slowly building wobble, seemingly arising from the void, but really coming from precise micro twitches deep in the heart of the muscle.

then we'll see what step two is!

split mind another way

A recent hobby of mine developed in social settings when the groups' talk split into several smaller conversations, I try following all of them. I've not yet an active role in any once the game gets started, but I try to at least remain aware of my participation in each, mostly entailing knowing glances, (How knowing the glances are I have no idea: a newly-this-second concieved hobby is watching a friend with my older hobby's face at work while remaining firmly embedded in a single sub-conversation.) and posture. Especially interesting to me are the moments of splitting and of other uncertain or dual structure. The hobbyist tries staying in that moment's form, dragging it out with split attention, slow and dragging, but in particulars, often scanning very rapidly for particulars.

And speaking of the game's glances, I notice playing at it often gives me the defocused face that I love so much in others. I wonder then if it's the clue leading me on to new interests and that the story of my development could be abstracted as the search for glazed eyes. I'd rather not except as yet another idea among many to have fun in the mean-time.