making a setlist for Tiger Trap, thought of Hamsun's nobel prize acceptance speech about youth.

a CD with encores: 10 tracks, then 2 last songs, 28 times, alternating. PRESS next track many times, parity determines order.

method of asking entropy: press two keys fast, count clusters, feedback
(compare von neumann's method for whitening noise)

method for spinning a line in an image editor: rotate with large angle.
wiping down the number key row

You & Me
My Broken Heart
Super Crush
Puzzle Pieces
You're Sleeping
For Sure
Supreme Nothing
Prettiest Boy
Words & Smiles
Tore a Hole
Eight Wheels

"I know not what I should do - I know not what is the right thing to do, but I raise my glass to the youth of Sweden, to young people everywhere, to all that is young in life." December 10th 1920