a local's habit of upending a sparkling water over the pint glass he knows it fits in nicely. I've watched it several times (but when it came time for me to do it I still hesitated in slightly uneven pour)

pouring coffee into milk (vegan databank-- on reading burroughs' bacon correct bending over a fork (before flying out a rubber asshole marked EATS, reminding me of mixing trash before eating it) have considered calibrated hot plate tests to establish methods of perfect prep for bacon, etc. in case of honoring the already butchered. direct analogy to admissibility of data collected by Nazis on human subjects)

overflow- brimming pour- Tirokuḍḍasuttaṃ: 'Na hi ruṇṇaṃ vā,soko vā...' , before saké and masu I've had the habit, and the other day in serving sparkle water to Randall, and Eben who I'd brought to interview him- 2 glasses alike, one narrow and tall, the other short and fat, presented first to Eben to remove his overflowing glass from Randall's. drawing of same in teal felt pen (LePen) with dots for bubbles