New TV with underscan switch, very interesting.
Ozu and Columbo episodes, much new things to see at the frame edges.
recommended to mike grost, where I first read: "beautiful blue plastic bucket on the floor; this is the typical 'circular object on the floor or table in an otherwise largely rectilinear composition' familiar in Ozu."

thoughts also of extraction of film-cut-metricity, pulldown
frame buffer built with both things in mind
a word for Ring Finger that starts with 'L'
Dr Taverner often makes a subtle sectarian gesture with his left hand, and I consistently visualize it as made with the ring finger of his right.
My ring fingers are distinguished in that when I continue the feeling of an oscilation through my arms to my fingers, they're the ones that feels it clearest and as a continuity.

importance of initials in thought
importance of decimal representation in thought (analogy of decimal digits to initials)
importance of modular residues in thought [lead to "casting out nines" and numerologic operations, expand "casting out elevens", time convert planetary angle residues etc]
importance of primes

meaning of a prime year, that no periodic happening with a period of integer number of years may happen in both this year and the year of christ. cicadas for example