cover image of Astro's Acid Beach from Noah's Acid Warp??

new motivation for collectors from depeche mode

desire to see a collection of SIAE stickers some corners curling up showing the fuzzy paper grain they were torn from. Fuschia logo on red bordered white, something about that! rounded corners
special way the colors together
dot matrix printing, security perforations, everything very interesting
so I'll collect records from italy..
imagination of seeing a collection of VML Live records
reminds me, in a time of listening to depeche mode 12" singles, that I formed the imagination of a will to see a collection of 12" 45s with a certain kind of kick drum mixed through them, a particular situation of clear sounds, and a complete band arising from that desire. to make a collection, say 20, the first few must be successful enough to fund the ones to follow. it's a certain kind of collection that has other copies of it's elements scattered about, but the collection itself is one of the few places where all the members are together and specially cared for. a pop band is the way to make that. (other ways?)
desire to see a cool collection of special sounds

Please help identify any of the CDs you recognize: