Though the empty cages of the abandoned zoo are still revered for the care and intelligence with which they were laid out by the ancients and often attract stray students and adepts of the silver age, they're now the regular domain of the caretakers of the vast herbarium planted throughout the gilded lattice.

lying under, looking up into trees

I've noticed many mechanical things about my behaviors lately that I really don't like and am trying to quit, but, however much reporting on my occasional stop by the Albany reading room to check out the latest CS bible lesson may be one, I'm still going to do it now.

the bit that stood out to me says the the world couldn't accept Jesus' righteousness, but that the earth was able to recieve the harmony his example introduced. Made me think of the trees I'd been laying under, looking up at them and really appreciating their way of doing things. at the reading room I wondered if Jesus' harmony was lost to us, but had somehow gone into the earth and communicated to the trees, and if before him, they had grown differently.

I'm interested in different people's sense of trees. Lately I've asked a few people how they see windy trees; if they see the tree movments as passive, or somehow volitional. Ezra, the first, said he always sees them as moving themselves, waving at him. for me it's a rare thing, and I have to ask for it.

So, here are two, of many, things I've been repeating lately, the tree question, and posting about CS readings. The first seems like fun to me, but the second not: stopping by the reading room I'm already wondering if it'll make something interesting to post about. I hate it, and it's a very small thing out of all the stuff I see myself doing that I hate-- just promise again to keep it in view and keep going