potency of the material

Seen twice now Russian work rediscovered by Scandinavians: activity theory, and Hambardzumyan's inverse eigenvalue problems. also Margulis' forward to Symbiogenesis on Kozo-Polyansky

Josef Albers encouragement to build a group of people sharing bits of coloured paper, I imagine as like the culture of mineral 'micromounters', and relights my imagining our orchestration club
a quick modification, for fun, of the 'clacker/squirter'
made a close-to-real-time 10xSlow audio reflector,
and was not expecting to hear it sounded underwater-y.
speed of sound/ so why a factor of 10? (yet to investigate range)

puppy's jingling collar comes back out the easiest to recognize.
questions about animal's hearing
[center frequency proportional to distance between ears]
(!bat-headphones, magazine)
JCLilly dolphin machine

close and far in the overlapping of sensory ranges, biochemistries, further on.
nice to lengthen list, incrementally
having hit, finally and too late, on 'symbolic' as the word I needed when talking to a few classes about the words 'analog' and 'digital', thought of my favorite volume of Knuth, Seminumerical Algorithms, next to other lucky books on computation. so literal when thinking of desert-island books, as when I play imagine my bed is adrift at sea. SA I wouldn't stop to use a machine, maybe writing to derive some expression, but not moving away farther as part of reading it, like I would in say Introduction to the Coriolis Force, or Microcomputer Quantum Mechanics. or more, would think I ought to. the image of how to use differs. in ICF and MQM the machine is next to the book in one hand, looking back and forth, not just to transcribe long programs. or if not quite, there's Knuth in both hands, and carried for reading, and lying down too. he's got a computer existing only (or in the future: most) in his book.
the useful thing for me was to arrange books by this quality, some have more or less, and to think I'd like to be towards a side, or place (a bit above,)(because it makes more than a line) with writing

a strip?width, hairline with/or-w/o graduations. could graduations disappear and give width (and be that way equivalent?). [a fog of red-brown color of tea cup is here in width-talk], and irregular gradations could give in change a particular kind of width? [red brown cloth book binding I am surprised remember cutting and gluing, folding stapling]
thinking about 鹿威し 添水
and Peter Ablinger piling up sound over a minute, to play back at once in a squirt.
starting to build little devices,
was surprised, in (computer)test, about similarity to HavoheJ,
(I suppose because I tested with random frequency sine waves)
and issues of phase statistics.
so, indonesia and japan

[添水(clacker)添加 (N/P-doping)]

ok why?
sinewaves for test makes the step to HavoheJ,
well, random sinewaves.whatelse is for test? BIST literature
on LFSRs (built-in-self-test), so noise, sines,
signals with ? what? axiomatic properties
a certain way of standing. (when not all the signals are standing)
standing out, image of poles out of a weakly imaged (clear?) mass
music, like havohej class/ which uses same-as-test
random sines, noise

[in writing, this time more than others, CM-oS]
[subtitle file structures/ typesetting poetry, dd]
(Fred Moten, names, Odyssey processing) (textatlas\)
thinking of extracting timing (metricity, cut list. for video.)
(just seen Michael Snow's So Is This),
and note again, a forcing note, to find the poet (a monk?) Armand Schwerner mentions using diacritics.
correctly\, it's as audio, and has to be extracted to symbolic before use

  2020  172990


10      20
300     500
1500    1500
31980    5000
129200   50000
  10000  500000

treeburstGmHonest no/test/explode

december 9th looking in house for misplaced cellphone.

had it in my shirt pocket the day of going w/ stan and will sherwin to his storage space, stolen japan tool box.
'popeye' painting, 1776 hat snakes head in head (remake. in calendar?1 celebrate).
/Kicked in-under, dust ball,cushions, to ignored/
calls and drives, will to hospital, back to stan waited there to make police report, brought him turkey club, wrapped up "half where'd I put it?!",
so calls all over. pocket phone. amanda's mr slim- shirt.
no, even though didn't find it so certain it's not there,
for more uses later but when/where?
out to amanda hanging laundry, remember when you set an alarm,
and then unset it, but I'd set one too, so mine went off,
and you thought it was yours mis-un-set, 
right after you'd done what we set the alarm for in the first place?
(CALLED billie pills?)(still had, from foot cut in fruitvale, and remembered the prosody)
(like now prosody of eben writing me in return for the midi help. little txt. SYNONYMY OF GIFTS. our gem categories)
maybe remember, but what night was that, inserted between clauses: you should look in the cloths bench at the bottom of the bed. and I was wanting to look IN the bed too, had seen dirt crumbs and a black clothing down by the tuck before, but mysterious region.. went through the bench stack. specific contents; sweater tries for A.Walsh's birthday party, some worn, pants, scarves folded off the line, biggest jacket I wore the other day w/o any other clothes, getting down down, no phone. Having reviewed, aerated, total bed set/subset/ 
I'd already looked in the car (found ID in the underradio cupboard, missing things of a time.\subset)
looked in garage, first because of the quick unload form the car (for bringing home end of semester scrim wood), unloaded in bags of piles. looked through and no. starting to look in the concertbox from ceramics. nice feeling to look at, but also a little too fast. pleasure at my own half-ideas: weights/sizes of wrapped in paper things, still differentiated to be known. pocket jingles. related to losing and finding, carried in a box with holes, sieve, well to be contained, limit of how disorganized to be, limit of control uptightness is measure. taking things out and then saying: ah no! one dodecahedron is out from the unzipped ziplock top! looked breifly quick, oh, rewrapped the center the only kiln fired piece in paper, reweighed,  replaced re-3-placed, rows, stripes- went out to amanda holding center-wrapped and one zip- to tell her oh. and I almost thought this, when making the cad model of the dodecahedra .standard color yellow, for 2nd object, then recolored white one second, then recorded search gold. looking saying ok, and the one I have here still is the simple one, the other one I was just now getting ready to look at, after the model of the simple one, but I might have lost it, I'll look now more carefully. and went back after say a little more. un pack here and there, and find it in a back fold of the orange laminate sheet! oh ok!! happy more than the phone I said yes truely of course. and then she found the phone little later had gone through the wash in the new red courderoys. finally to look atthe gold also of the sim card back.
/////Bringing in trip, small pocket of Jansport transport,
a demonstrative, or model, mess;
some leaves are here, thank who I go to meeting
and a few things wrapped in their papers, but all of same travel size
a saved holiday caramel, clay bits,
and that saved tiviality: Mothers, enlight, THANK YOU!
a enheartened rhyme!. bevels on the hundred grid cut to a chocolate coin, medallion, parents are olympus
model theirs 

album insert invert onCe more

squeezed out of mx
snockonews.net/art_gallery/images/all-hell.jpg an Husbands.jpg
                                      an /thumbs/Husbands.jpg an all-hell.jpg
talking about history vision of companies and record labels,
whose history we make by order and time of releases,
and model numbers, matrix numbers, call numbers, form numbers
And what do I think I am doing
do company
holds, everything else, AND their relations.
so biggest I make this relationships of model numbers
and numbers' meanings by what each is, particular products.
(and, a scansion for text)
SO, how would it be, that here I let slip ,af so long, no posts,
but now suddenly, Michael Hurley inverts?!
mean for that: a reburst -out an investigation series,
sign of friction, stick-slip buds in winter, one-chatt/er
/can yes the stream of numbers can have a suddenly
/diacritic marks, (schwerner talking, say) /JJEFFREY-interviewToD
Over-flow, residue, excitement,
holding the key tightly with both hands up pressures cross and the key flips
recatch it infront again, wonder at my own clutch! and tell to loosen
honest investigator admits interest-position
share surprise
"a face made up by what is acceptable,"shows sunbeam!
actually: how else could it be. plum blossoms
//cosmic alienage with time: to self formulation, friends

sports'car with crackle

postscript drawing of arrows with loops and long sparse averaging-near-zero turn functions, crimp functions, hair drawing, generative,unreal  (1:1 scan,size)

explicit construction of the broken states to which we may arrive in ease, making them contiguous with the normal states, border crosser erasing. broken could mean paranormal, introducing patterned sensations yet unmodeled, and when examined irrelevant to our model of the real as already understood reflexivity.
broken relative to a model (Peter Naur's people's tools(')-problems(') unit) escaping in a direction
(dedicated among other things to Naur's appreciation of data enacting tools(')-probblems)

I have presented in that video accidentally a part of what I really would like to say, presented as an actuality living inside confusion what I would like to present durably if in durable form, meaning a durable confusion or destructuring, which when projected or lifted to multiple surfaces(manifolds) mightn't collapse

accidentally, but not an accident to be revealed far in the future, but just now

taking books apart, putting in orbit, one field pages

how should things be treated, beyond correctly presevation
that they are combined, let to exist and live together, exchange contact (wind for plants)
what marrs are light and showing a airy travel, which are ugly and pressing clammy piled
mass of material in life, continuity and cohesion of invited substance, strength of attraction, holding and living as pull for these categorizations,
evenness of types, (chinese paper for example, packaging of poisonous food. like ?conceived?grux' evenness of handling political paper. Havel's power of the powerless)
slow unbinding of my books, loose pages
materiality flows curves
making mass electronic equipment separability

and to fix again some mishandling collapse, feeling crystals, [beauty-full orgonite] smells, cooking, smokes humidities fungshui vapors sounds
sunlight bending folding
light shows anything
bouncer-flappers streamers' waver

letter to sabiston on physical analogs of christmas' eve 2011

william!! merry christmas eve! just had a brainwave it'd be good to send over some notes right now.
The very latest thought: I remembered an old stereophile story
"I had assumed that he had explained that this would be a different
kind of listening test."
the whole thing is a favorite read of mine here! and there's this article with a bit about the situation from a social theoretic standpoint, more to come!----------------------
SO to the brainwave: that'd make a great product I thought, could cost less on the same order as costume. I bet that could get the colors and softness.
goodbye John Stevens. identification, my body (shoulder, rocking, mouth) when I play drums.

Graphic codes in cover art to identify/name quality of processes used in transfer: stuttered BAMBI rubber stamp to mean some particular strobe range.. some indication of how the sound enters the visual:the particular transfer. I can come back to the GIG cover to make it in whatever graphic convention emerges.
a "periodic table of the videos" to do many and see what we are doing.
am especially curious to see how color patterns at this level. searching now for some single atemporal/fascinating  idol representation of the total color feeling of a tape.
Electromyographic study of eye movements.
to do "eye tracking" but NOT w/ assumptions about space spatial coordinates/ frames. "space has as many dimensions as I have muscles" [poincare from Science and Hypothesis second book in pile to have next to the scope at least. selection of binding for position. several editions of same, their positions in the stack]
Blindness- zatoichi and the sea (#11- "...and the doomed man")
pan-and-scan comics
scanning posters: grid typography
derive control signals from physical camera movements.
[feedback into] tripod physicality: sustention of branches, knob wands exercise, haptic feedback in metronome.

OEI shapes. spotlights. projecting shadows. geometric projection. implied surfaces. think about ways to specify the second surface electrically. primatives should be complex enough to generate much, or have complicated parts, and simple parts.. pan over to the simple part..I have a partial spatial object/interaction in mind, but find it hard to express here. connected to my thinking about primitives generally in synthesis (audio synthesis) gosh maybe primative is not even the accurate word. I'll work on this! the key word for me here is spotlight. I had at some point an image in mind of a spotlight from above to light what's happening in the video image, and I thought it could happen with the OEI if it had some extra forming of it's scan, and I was thinking about what would be ways to set it up to specify this sort of thing. a normal/traditional synthesis approach would be to break down the total into like geometric object and then allow them to be combined in various ways.. those would be called "primitives". and my feeling is that it's be better to have a spotlight as a single "object" and maybe even go the other way and have the spotlight shape be part of a larger shape.. and have a few of these specialized things that can interact.. this is just one version of a conversation I'm having ALOT with myself!

how is it going farmer's timescale /wish you'd visit soon
my smell is getting good, skin peeling away from under nails (duration of work impressions) soon over.
little thorns around cuticle so kindly treated clear eyes
attention in showering to guiding of smell, what much to wash away, appreciation of changing state,
choosing which clothes to wear, which wrappings mostly used in fixed combinations (second rate and
style of loosing resetting)
chewing at the blister skin, not going directly to healing or remedy, but waiting the way look
somewhere else.. water puffs off, moisturizer smell smoothing I imagine is the smell of some lost illicit drug
particular good feeling could trace a bit if forced but it's gone now
mildew smell in amma's old sweater, I could know which in stumbling to accept, a face made up
by what is acceptable shows sunbeam

SYRINX Nov20th Godwaffle

↓In model, sounds are used to indicate the elements too far away (possibly this distance is partially in the future, so we may come closer as we go) to render physically, the information transduced into reality by the flaps/wings/umbrella[Jerry Hunt] - temporary structures to generate darkness (indicator of strength. deep pleasure of activity in darkness, and apparatus for them↓) motorized to become "privacy screen" hologram/orbit flecks[Samuel Delany]
                                                     careful modulation of low light (cinema)
One aspect of model is distance from core suspension; over-printed, folded-paper clothes display. gold spraypaint (TeX defined programmed patterns and motifs) + motifs
no props · Nōh
commemorative videotape DVD to be sold immediately afterwards (end in infomercial) including footage prepared before and live footages, animations, patterned(-time) light strobes. rendering time again into still life models- Getting In

MISS YOU STILL(fixed distance)

"who's gonna understand me" (all descending steps, the first one biggest by far, crossing ranges)
EML-100,200:Buchla-100,200 suggested use of epoxy looks like my friends «Occupy Wealth» , as opposed to archival methods
"He took a thin roll of blue cloth from his sleeve.¶ This contrivance was one of Tao Gan's many ingenious inventions. When unrolled, it proved to be a roughly sewn bag made out of the blue cloth that people ordinarily use for wrapping up the bundles they carry. It had a square shape, but all kinds of queer folds and spare corners had been sewn in it. By fitting together, in various combinations, the dozen thin bamboo staves inside, Tao Gan could make this bag assume all kinds of shapes-- from the square bundle containing laundry to the oblong package full of books. In his varied career this contraption had proven especially useful to him.¶ Tao Gan adjusted the bamboo staves inside in such a way that the bundle seemed to contain carpenter's tools. His transformation was completed in a few moments and soon he was walking down the pathway, his shoulders bent a little as if the bundle he was carrying under his arm was quite heavy."

rakusu/okesa pattern generated at print time from saved proportions equations, algorithms, and some measurements. --one measurement.. light blue very thin cloth, with padding, straight stitch, sleeves for staves strips, dirt rubbed in line of truss ridge, crossed diagonally, incommensurately (pentagonal angles. lattice darkened at crossings (first WAVE OFF VHS video synthesis) incommensurate ("problem #E2007"...)) by stitching for other uses configurations

faking in tradition world, signs of tradition: color coding, color meaning, shape code, out of the bushes on to the pathway

CHEAP High-Energy Mineral-Water!!

patterns are forming, inclosed bright faces of the fogged-gold snub-enclosure,
very small patterning extraction , printing, wheatpaste in food-grade godwaffle-reproduction bucket.
fixed width masking tape seams in rosin paper sleeves gowns
\a noise generator in TeX
% To exploit the whole possible range and guarantee good performance,
% $a$ and $m$ are set as follows:
% $a = 7^5  \; = 16807$ and $m  = 2^{31}-1 \; = 2147483647$ and
% this gives $q=127773$ and $r=2836$.  \uniform deviates, and a
\Red 182 LBS Buckram library binding: IRCAM report#30: panoplie
and of course the rubbed copy of Volume 2:
   Seminumerical Algorithms broken set, only travel with one

as Thorndyke's tools, his friend imagined Tao Gan's shape changing toolkit, light blue cloth, with bamboo staves inside, making variable edges and solidity (Van Gulik's Judge Dee). So we make a house like this

Mobile Geometry Crimpshrine

masking tape floors in angle declination, pranced (sweatpants!)
house wiring, undedicated to signal type, impedance-couplings-
agreements Standards Recognized: vinyl speeds' motors «Harry
Pussy records» helical scan ratios, graphics file formats..
     (house data rates, phones, encryptions, recordings) half-dots
     bookshelf concomitant relationships research catalog
        collaborator synchronizations: RealTimeClock,
        collision detection/protocols, dark room timers
sweeping, nailbrush, wire brush, Thorndyke's toolset:
        "willesden" [cupric/cuprous oxide, zinc oxide, ammonia]
                                                                 canvas, (paper!) hand-box
        insulfator, idioform dust
        microscope, slides, stains, reagents, glassware!
        spirit lamp
        lock-picks! tweezers, forceps, scissors, screwdrivers,
        vacuum pumps blowers, filters
"I see you have your mysterious little green box up on the hat rack" 
"I never go away from home without it"
little square case- a foot square and four inches deep- like a doll house
        spring-tape, micrometer, slide-rule
it looks like a toy, but it isn't one
"Novelist's Tools / ephemera div. "
(concepts- again-bite; woven glossary of rhetorical terms)
mobile geometry unfolding quilted backpack layout

Lights! J/+\R/+\P/ T\-/I\-/P/ XLST/ FXP/
(pack list: knob training,

harpsichord: come ! on ! tell ! me ! about ! it
swingles' bach (jesu), Jacques L O U S S I E R «take it easy»
Charlie brown christmas Guaraldi
Rose in Spanish Harlem • It's Love That Really Counts THANK YOU
some millitary march transposed into almost leroy anderson but with tight bass.
some slow ECM beauty, maybe keith jarrett • copeland? • Vitamin C Graduation
Swingle Pachelbel Canon
Down in the valley the shepherd sees
His flock is close at hand
And in the night sky a star is falling down From someone's hand
This time I will take the lead somehow
Several Synth Bachs 
Hall+Oates-When The Morning Comes
mystery 70's metal precussion and flute track,
          violin is coming chorusedECM, multiphonics
tomita debussy (sunken chapel, looking down on bells under water, hart Crane's ATLANTIS,
PIXIES Waves Of Mutilation LIVE
end of encore [fast version/slow version], quartz lamps black body radiation cool-off,
moments in film: information on these headlights curves,
TVs turning off (John Hawk, I recommend Halton Arp's Redshifts & Controversies to you)
tv turning off on ST:V.. (In Heaven Everything Is Fine)

there Is a band like this

Oh, there's a band like this.
seems like they'd be loud, like you don't think so at first but then you go and they're louder than you thought, but it makes sense. Seems like they're into other things too, like.. well I can't tell exactly what they're into, but if you pick any particular thing I think I could tell you if they like it or what they might say. what they might be wearing to play the show, how they present themselves.
how they talk to each other

identifying certain melodies or riffs as belonging to a particular imaginary band, finding out certain things go together, same recording, same band, same song?
way of doing cover artwork: imagine doing something with the record, giving it to someone for example, or hurrying to open a next box of them to sell one, pulling at the kraft-paper tape filaments
which would entail imagining the record cover without attending directly to what it ought to look like. glimpse of the cover. several glimpses.
does he turn the record over, try to read the back? how do his eyes move/ where is the writing

blue question mark spray-painted on our jc-120 grill cloth
 making fun imaginative and most importantly impressive user interface for forensic image manipulation
(exhibit#2009! http://www.nwnprod.com/forum/search.php?search_author=fe1354)
like TV show detection threshold. the sounds of this imaginary computer program. sounds to describe latent data bits floating free of their mire... digital solvents, chemical reaction analogy sounds.. fizzing, ads for cleaning products, optics catalog ad sounds mirrors lenses..
an ebay auctioneer's face reconstructed by their reflections in images of shiny objects they've posted for sale-
idea completely divested of any scariness, any music cop show themes, put in place some microscope music? bagel shop music, just for fun background sounds atmospheres.. morning crowd sounds (?afternoon) voice barely pops out [those voices you are happily surprised get transcribed on to the closed captioning] happily requesting a code for the free-to-customers-wi-fi. scroll printer sounds. sounds of talking around snack table at sampling of technical conferences-- the era in which computer programming languages could be substituted for natural language requirements in Master's programs. a room full of people who did that. a dial to adjust just the sound of the snacks in this soundscape: more clinking, the value of the china on which the cheese is served, reduce gooyness, adjust into crumbling, into crackers. coffee service clinks. building AC sounds. model le corbusier air flows/ ancient air flows.

cage's relating 26 to each lesser int

to be playing John Cage (JC, Jesus Christ, as my teacher of Grapes Of Wrath pointed out) in a film I am thinking of being him, and uncovering similar decisions (that the second coming might laugh at the first coming, looking in on a superseded instantiation. (thought before current cage involvement, before remembering GoW) maybe as the relation of a zodiacal sign to its predecessor. limitations)
an examination of the decisions inherent to the tables in John Cage's Song Books
13:13:12:13:13;// 64/5=12+(4/5);(12*5)+(1*4)=64,
      five twelves, four of them increased by one.
10:11:11:11:11:10;// 64/6=10+(4/6);(10*6)+(1*4)=64,
      six tens, four of them increased by one.
9:9:9:10:9:9:9;// (9*7)+(1*1),
       seven nines, one of them increased by one...
7:7:7:7:8:7:7:7:7;// (7*9)+(1*1)
7:7:6:6:6:6:6:6:7:7;// (6*10)+(1*4)
       // so why not 6:6:6:7:7:7:7:6:6:6 ?
5:6:6:6:6:6:6:6:6:6:5;// (5*11)+(1*9)
5:5:5:5:6:6:6:6:5:5:5:5;// (5*12)+(1*4)
5:5:5:5:5:5:4:5:5:5:5:5:5;// (4*13)+(1*12
       // in this case I can explain the bimodal distribution
4:4:4:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:4:4:4;// (4*14)+(1*8)
5:5:4:4:4:4:4:4:4:4:4:4:4:5:5;// (4*15)+(1*4)// and here also
3:3:4:4:4:4:4:4:4:4:4:4:4:4:4:3:3;// (3*17)+(1*13)
4:4:4:4:4:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:4:4:4:4:4;// (3*18)+(1*10
        //  why not 3:3:3:3:4:4:4:4:4:4:4:4:4:4:3:3:3:3?
3:3:3:3:3:3:4:4:4:4:4:4:4:3:3:3:3:3:3;// (3*19)+(1*7)
4:4:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:4:4;// (3*20)+(1*4)
3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:4:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3;// (3*21)+(1*1)
2:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:2;// (2*22)+(1*20)
3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:2:2:2:2:2:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3;// (2*23)+(1*18
  // explained (4 cases: odd and even*quotients and remainders)
2:2:2:2:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:2:2:2:2;// (2*24)+(1*16)
       (2*25)+(1*14)// explained
        (2*28)+(1*8)// why not {{10:8:10}}
        (2*29)+(1*6)// explained I suppose
        (2*30)+(1*4)// why not {{13:4:13}}
this as it was, as of last typing week.
and in the time since then, a simpler explaining abstraction of 'symmetry' (optimality theory taste), closer to what might inhere to the tables
?parallel to Schoenholtz' examination of the probabilities in yarrow stalk  method of I Ching cast.
'smoothness' [consider "moments" (of inertia, of distribution. I have not yet understood this verbal yūgen cloud in which some physics masters are smiling.)]
composed as music might be, ?smooth-modulations
...in progress

kinds of heat VI

note regarding Kinds Of Heat posts and investigations I have found something that perhaps should have been assumed from the premise and ways of talking: infrared radiation can be polarized! thus carrying some quality or coefficient which may serve to explain it's differentiation into kinds. To be examined the description shape implications of 'polarization' and how the shapes apply to a possibly structuring of the kinds of heat. more generally, an analysis of these shape domains (quartets, rings.. missing patches) and meanings in theories. the converse possible realization that after examining the structure of the kinds of heat (like laying out of the periodic table) it bears a structural relation to the shapes implied by the facts on polarization, and hence conclusion that the 'coefficient (sonantique)' is polarization, and therefore that ir may be polarized.
a book of just these shapes, and a longer appendix of further possibles, to be named later. I can see the fonts


tools that allow us to proceed in a variety of ways, hold them with a variety of grips,
use them as 'as if in the invention of uncertainty, the greeks were before it'- a plebian lottery unworthy of the name, missing true virtue
//now we may link our private number sequence generators
//some next little steps: "resizing" (scaling..tiling) control-display surfaces based on 'content', scrolling styles


dependance on tools beyond our personal control, (etc. astronomy, development of Magma computer algebra software) 'electronics' in Cage's usage ('dials'!) coming to mean computer jackass (M.McLuhan I.Illich) picture of academic well clothed and made up with computer which they have no beginning of fixing if it bites
Should have a backwards arched T-I-P in background of drawing: finding when keying on:(cage song books), kostelanetz's snapshot, leading to another about têtes-bêches where he mentions SRDelany several times.
List of  people who have written on psychic contraception (Burdekin!)
see how now I've finally got the emphasis in the right direction; my slow reluctance, in publishing SUDDENNESS, coeval text series. in balancing emphases

just now walking returning to calarts where last night I'd had a nice time in the video synthesis lab, I saw some similar things on the ground: a reflection from a book I held, blocked in part by my arm projected onto a shadow of same. one body projected onto two interpenetrating planes interacting by coloring one another
William Sabiston, this is what we'd talked about! tool dependance (on my mind), gaining insight from synthesizers, greatest gains inside, presenting to oneself. letter to sabiston on physical analogs of July 20th 1964. (date of letter from Charles Ford to Walt Lee giving list of Starewicz films)
home copy of a T.M.Cleland cartoon showing the woodsman setting up, used in analogy to explain the discarding of extremal portions of the spectrum to achieve a balanced feeling in Munsell textbook. copied on to fluorescent post-it note, but scanned into present salmon color..

shadow drop algorithms, 'disable shadows' checkbox, pedestal of pedestals, clear perspex, comics hound, video illo comics cards, surf mutant dino, getting at the same thing twice, using funny lineups; self-test mix, buffing off excess precisions. uptightness about respect precision. blasogging through possible perspectival grabbing heads. can't help but, 'keep it pure'(chris cohen), direct instinct in overlay- focal freeslide. rhythm feeling propagation, dancers, bands.

searching in the past(ConceptOf)for more highly parameterized conceptualizations

searching in the past(ConceptOf) for more highly parameterized conceptualizations

font synthesizer computer typesetter live instrument
beautiful control bank
slow time-(pressure cooker)constant ravings

the barge of the dead, rainbow barge of tonality on the feild of sound

in a unusual body, in a body different from the ones seen in public, when witnessing with the public mind, as a facet of the group mind.
we have to interpret the symbols and search for a meaning.
I was sea-sick
learning from decision-making in star-trek (converse: mistaken rushing. octave one, to spot on the plane of these. then the plane-stack of these premise-fields)
as of this posting I am actually in love rising tide of many years
remember that if we were risen as gods our birthdays would be national holidays, leading in forming the public aspect of time armature.
dates for song titles (birthdates when relevant)
"durable erosions of the air" !b
intensity+parameter linearConcept automation
another picture violet emanation above grayscale
"precious signals"
"like lightning in a cloud": JC120 praise online seen years ago, and stuck in mind. last month I have finally seen a lightning that might have been what was meant, in flat dark blue each flash disclosing a piece of the cloud around it, at a slow syllabic rate. each flash showed a letter form, and in succession began speaking to me. the first complete word I got was 'reality'
two days ago in tiredness the tile floor in my waiting area started to display letter-forms too, one of the clear words 'forest', and numbers, acronyms.. I found I was reaching ahead of the moment and driving the meanings towards silly places so I stopped, but I'm happy to have found this, for later
only in recently years have I started to think myself what Thomas Bonvalet told me in the past about the effects of the distance one is able to project personal plans or ideas into the future. He told me about when that horizon becomes very close, like not being able to see around a curve, and the bad feelings or mind-state that can accompany that. now I've said the same words in reporting about myself.
I've also been thinking about this projection on as many different scales as I can.
extending the limit of imagining the distribution of how time was used. extending self-data-analysis, in part as a way of extending the limit of projecting into the future. (note to translate into french one of the first among the other texts, if the opportunity arises)(or motive to engage more formally, that a book ought to be translated. by strength of a individual communicative push in writing, a push is called forth from readers, who as a community generate translations.)[these spatial analogies in proximity call up many possibilities, in someways like certain multi-threaded st:tng plots.]
lanes of the freeway as states of the union, pick the place where people are acting such that you can be as you'd like. sub- and super-particulate vortexes, handedness of rotation given disposition of lanes and left- or right-hand steering. void dweller, space seeker- partitioning the reality of the situation into fluid categories. view of the traffic as hydrodynamic flow, reforming causality, pushing waves out in front of the active particle.
shinto position field, projection-only mapcard, pricked metal sheet, 'dog-tag',
center blur, information beyond

backwards music surface

a story I started to make up about playing Park Detail's Band is: everything is coming from missing a real piano; playing bass with the cz-1 is making up for not having as close physicality as the real piano. and half way through tour I made a keyboard split and put a backwards version of the sound to the right of it, and that felt the same too, that I could get closer to some missing thing with this extra sounds. But the thing I'm getting closer to only existed in my mind, so all the missing and re-approaching is only making it shown for the first time to others. one part of that is the surface of the piano sound, like what I'd imagine the shimmering surface of flows separating waters of differing salinity. lifting off and away from the body and mass of the sound, refocusing on the surface, and the surface of that surface, and so forth if manageable. so the backwards sounds ought to be things you might hear in a mass of the forwards sounds (anticipated on the first night by Peter Kolovos' backwards bits only under the loudest ringing sustained tremolo picked chords.)... the bass might be phantom patterns in the differing sweeps of each reattacked ringing chord.. of course they become things and then we try to search for the surface of these masses, hopefully. (and by the way, in the split I thought of Charlemagne Palestine with double pianos for playing unisonos, who might be in a similar place I'd like to ask about)

hope in instrument design of that retreat upon retreat to impressions of appearing surfaces. of holding this steady. setting and vanishing appearances with better understanding and will, not too behind or ahead of the moment.

panoply you can't make up

return after staying away for a while, things look different, but are much more than I could have remembered what they're different from without their reminder. kitty is smaller! and all night the toy keyboard was making occasional notes like a dripping faucet, a few different pitches always right around 500Hz, in an amazing kind of irregular distribution in time. I would never have guessed the notes would even be here when I came home, lasting longer than ever before (27 hours so far): new, and still familiar: where else would this be happening? thought about the distribution that might be a home sign. "home electronics" that produce a particular time course, a tick tock clock under a hot water bottle under a fuzzy towel for puppy's pillow, ding!740Hz.... 500Hz, 500Hz, 500Hz, 500Hz
responding to something, the house is settling
sound making a shallow declivity, ("ground hammock," "reminding of hazel's wallow")(sensation of subtle tilt)
souvenir/swatch-books (book-like-a-car, book-like-a-house, book-like-a-concert)

Oh a Straw is very different

Fractionated eating,
other tools relating to the derive: geometric constructions used to probe the dynamics of the terrain, simply: when walking someplace 'walking distance', first drive to place equally distant. rotation of neighborhoods
take time over, doubled reflections on a black background
(kes&tuvok::power&poise ('::' as the simplex relation))

this is gloss: scooching forward in seats
peculiar hearing of light drunkenness- indoors and outdoors
how high may the botanic screen transparent hedge be grown?
lightness of the tips
take time over= a star field
vision on the liquid surface,
of endless complications...      colors..                            
(99 drops of the most expensive/ or that you borrow/ w/o asking)
            ...colors lit from below and reflecting on from above,
moving in response to the REAL NEWS
"At lunches and parties there is no second chance for the daydreamer."
talking about recording interviews so she can daydream and still find later the interesting things. maybe this day-dreaming quality is itself searching for interesting things. I was told once that shoppers enter a pre-hypnotic state while searching for example clothes awaiting hypnosis. to go shopping together! house music. to almost go dancing together, ugly place- -
      side view of time scale structure to kinds of interviews, tv shows, stories-parties
      practicing public interview/moderation to group hypnosis sound
         a wind which may correlate to speech in the room, flagging at first when we stop talking, but growing to a, still subtle, stature- at which it ducks below speech and blooms after it. nonimitative electronic sound synthesis- in the semiconducting materials

"I think we should not be deceived by the simplicity of that statement. the human mind has the awesome ability to condense enormous amounts of observation, of experience, and of reasoning into a few economical, meaningful words. In these same words, the human imagination can also sometimes communicate a whole universe of beauty and emotion." Halton Arp in closing his QR&C [to be reviewed shortly here, together with Julesz' FoCP/ FoCV FoVeaCentralis]

when, it communicates like that, what is implication and what isn't, speculative fiction halts.
[Chris Cohen's obviousness of implicature beyond (pos)]
self amazing ness of what is being said or dreamed. "an emerald light is shining in this idea"
"We find out what we are doing by doing it (single line of past Breezy Day's Band orienting text)"
realizing various implications of the story (Delany says writing as if investigating the history of a so far only rumored situation. interviewing the participants) which could be presented to oneself compressed even down into a band name: Park Detail's for example, showing on my(personal) further consideration some leaving bilateral symmetry, but also embracing self- heightened into the music time.
that in the series of lectures, those living would be presented by their words, but those who have died will be presented in music

Methodical Concepts Driving

short hops on the freeway (intimate knowledge of the patterns of distance interactions, patterns of road surface), camaraderie through common experience of freeway detritus: collections of what appears to be (but obviously couldn't) square tissues, with a uniform way of skidding over the roadway, as if floating on our force, somewhat thicker, like magnolia petals, primitive white petals, cumpled veination. domed shapes- mysterious specificity

what can be seen, dragging or forcing aspects of following, , loose and easy movements, the apex of the curve. abstract models:+ instrument scan pattern/ personal summation and display of continuous performance data. OBDII

[more] glasses, attitude: long tapes of recorder pulled through living landscapes, contact microphonie of cat-toy-environment [both for tour, stance taking up of attitude, playing of stroke- disputation of notes into stable slower unfolding objects, slow rotation of higher dimensional objects, +with some transparency (meaning total state feeling incipit)] interaction of trills
YoYoMa+3generationsInSupportStructure, descriptive waves in periodic portrait layout.
colinear/+rectilinear assemblages of white dots perforate surface
(grid bias patterning as in curtain's cover)
remainder=?gas stations, code blocks, color blocks, pin stripes, deep gloss

at the stamp show certain surface characteristics among the free handouts postcards, flyers, and among the seller's booths: attract the eye: plastic, leatherette, metal clasps, diffusing plastic binders, vinyl signage, ephemera, the frames, stamps. in this place to form an attractive surface, but not by following standards, but touching them. the repetitious falling of the frames following frames, all stamps about cats, for example, until we forget what other stamps look like.


culture war
dream telling you to dispose the evidence
dream telling you to intensify
dream telling you 'you are fucked'

true language of comic books
life in flowers

practice keeping two things in mind at once:
trees and text [Park Detail's Band]
literate rhythms, metricality phrase structure
life in flowers
Park Details' Band (butterfly) shoulder Perch Patches
white and folding in embroidery instructions
space unfolding flutter path in beautiful ease!
a landing-anointing, test/anchor-sheet(flap)..
(this is energy too we should be able to tune visually)
    ..walking with new temporary local center/focus
we can use (I think Jerry Hunt was discussing in talking about discharge-planes)
    happy clothes tool
list of, you know like,
String Quartet


Is it electronic music if
The plastic bottle of nonpareils is inverted and many float in electrostatic suspension like balloons set adrift, the exact model colors of balloons, (spoolsballoons.jpg)
and their irregular avalanching takes a course of days, a real situation macroscopied

Yes, and not because of the means, but the form, and how the sound attacts cats in time
application of electrostatics to cat toys
reactive only to entities in the 7½ pound weight class (s-mystery door swings)

? percolation/random resistor nets paper
tilings/nonpareils (dioramic background? or illumination reflector)
balloon-form (upended (pended(u) ) bottle with squared vaulting) gondola contact microphone micro I
revolutionary consciousness/ 4th of july / color consiousness
leyden jar, gold foil movements. gold sputtered microphone decoration
verbal "chords" duplexion, expanding the wrong language
creation of beings, creation of categorization of beings (ontology/phylogeny)
through understanding of movement types, relations among movements.
wasps in the subcontinent given over to botanic guard-en
movements of insects, include all movements, but without the internal semantics (relation structure) found in subtypical animals. (mammals)

to 'play it as it lays'
follow sensory data
immediatement, animalism
in speed of trees

surprise birth of antagonist concepts

lift to higher dimension!
sudden freedom to find in behaviors not their conventional meanings, but implications about inner systems whatever
(tangentially: one beautiful aspect of etiquette)

rounding errors added to the spraypainting algorithm in the text drawing program
/my concern with seminumerical algorithms and physicality
/search and meeting of the inner agonist

[parameters passed to spraypaint algorithm from distance measures to 'buffer edges' (that is type-defined geometries (equals type defined topologies equals type defined behaviors, phase spaces.. off to read Visual Mathematics Library!))]

illiteracy legitamate

feeling for letters
do you have a language you are illiterate in? so that you know a language, but not how to write or read it. you have words, without any written aspect. I have literacy and almost-illiteracy. with which I can examine a little (resistant to too much) and see word-like preformations in my illiterate language, and find contradictions there, or rather clues that I have some system at odds with the system I know I have, the system I know about. something of sigils talk.
reading Lacan in 3d cutup style: by crossing my eyes. Burroughs says 'now let's see what it really says'
Peter Naur introspection of reading going beyond model of human activity as symbol processing.
these awesome deep house guys (Patrice Scott!!) going beyond model of what house is supposed to mean to deep feelings, permeating the layer of artificiality, which doesn't exist for them, only feelings and music! their titles for example are not of a set that constitute some model, but direct speech
buffer ripples, one long text buffer, with interpreted submanifolds.
gifts to Peter Naur's house
friends of the void dweller
driving in the avenues of life
and from deep then deeper
Reversing Time's Flow


a note on last post:
that chaotic filter sweep negative-pressure mouth sounds are missing the point,
though of course they will be another fork initiated by the electronics technology,
in that the feeling is there one of extreme doing-ness
where we search for less or nondoing, real-non-real

If Something Big Went Missing

playing guitar today a high fourth plus a halfstep below, 'rainbow' sound close to the bridge, I was thinking, oh, if I lost synthesizers, if suddenly it was a world where they hadn't existed, maybe I would sometimes be playing like this, trying to find the sounds again. but clarinets are lost to me, mostly. serpents, groupings-- orchestras.. this seems to clarify something about synthesizer. maybe that the playing isn't looking for new things, but looking back to things we forgot we forgot.
if a language was missing, if Singhala was, would I be looking here and there to find similar feelings? where would I even look? [Indonesian hakuru..]
when I wrote before about exiles perhaps unconsciously enjoying foods that have some minor relation to tastes they've lost, I was thinking of my parents

Cleaning Times

I start to recognize the assignment of textures replacing conventional notion of cleaning and organizing.
creating textures by organizing self-similarity areas, and also using those textures in organizations.
was I saying some weeks ago that I've now by impulse enough stuff that I can enjoy by recombining. enough material, like a band. (right amount of material) (kinds of paper wappings)

placing some photo clippings around the room to indicate future developments: coffee service below the scope cart, theater riggings to control velvet curtains. evaluation period pictures of airplanes and cars, perhaps to be replaced by scale models. photo albums of clippings towards bedtime books in the making. TV monitor banks used as temporary viewing ports on successions of these useful images.
thinking about tv broadcasts and magazines specifically as sources for this kind of useful thought-imagery, picking out which magazine to read, design of information scanner.

Turrell Saint-Exupéry

Exercise 1

feel free to concentrate as much as I want
(in the passing moment, passing the activity of writing (P. Naur) into the state of writings being the byproduct of 'composing' (H. Brün); Naur again)

[borrowing word only from Tarthang Tulku for older tool of mine: Reversing Perspective Time]

next text editor in ideas of creation (indices, etcetc)(tools to personal punctuation development, example the question mark) phases, publishing
 I M A
t O O

fox ears!

aterial glassa p.1

visit to toy store in search of object-sounds, kinds of plastics by sound. should have some amount of glass in our life. imagined next door a shop of other kinds of sounds, oiled metal mechanisms in shade, kids still welcome, but aren't kings. sorting by sounds, shop assistants.
(saw bird holding fiberglass weft, called because of it and didn't know how to tell about the tiny crimping waves, shining intermittency. seen in some sections through fiberglass boards. video table)
when water gets together
mild mannered work
(to be continued...)
damping catcher, soft net supported by weight over pulley system reacting to velocity, like a hand absorbing the force of a fall, as when the camera has been set up to resonate and tip itself. never so tight as to bounce

related interest in model suspension for theater curtains
meccano and the amusements (cassette or vhs coming soon)

Sitting's old, try lying

in solution of chair problem, obviates sitting by zip up molded cushion cover on which to lay and work, which rises to any level easily, a limitlessly extensible mechanism.

Typing while lying, typing on Tippa writing on specialities of some generalizable interest, to non-specialist giving the use-flavor of the field

Roll over on back to ceiling-projected screen. light tubes in solar projection lens project. blasser's controller

design of chairs also, for music and for bench work, eating there
A Sure Way to Solve our Questions of Survival
WE Take as Axiomatic the sacred character of Fire
upon which We Base our Lives


The Gods Are Laughing At US - Chronic Disorder
Let's Rab! - The Donnas
Albany Punks (california)
MUDHONEY- Here come's sickness on 1989 alternate studio versions HIV Groupie Hits Pack 33 at 45R; then Eruption! at 33R We Know What I Need with Blasting Kicks!!! FFFFFF!!!
The Dead C= The White House (Paint It Black)

Smile ID

Fairly usual looking person to be served before me at the local copymat reveals a very unusual smile. The server returns with her passport photos for inspection and she asks 'can I smile more?', and they reply 'no, they want a neutral expression,' But for identification, that smile would really help!

Money Etc Fuck You

stop smiling at you ripoffs
making something new is difficult under present conditions of which you are a part
some more than others
you who reproduce the situation more exactly are more shit
looks almost like the real thing in some lights, but is vomit fuck you
a vomiting piece of shit
your smug face I wish I could punch it in

economic circumstance of reward for thoughtless work,
and punishment for creation
while you are supported in the fantasy of creativity
shit for brains

lift heart
consider likelihood in its vast aspect

You Don't Know Anything

H-bomb on Hardwax
Lift Heart

Ascendency of Teal

LePen, Sweatshirt (teal)
appreciation in others
Admiration of the principal and organization of gamelan
[Richard Feliciano's In Celebration of Golden Rain]
hope for the future


I've written before here about a couple ways of getting excited about things being the same size or fitting together or being commensurate, but there's still to pin down a very significant difference in orientation between them. just now I've buried my recently unearthed lego ruins into a old toy zen rock garden of my mom's. glad they fit in one another, because this allows seeing both, makes them somehow transparent. this version of commensurability relates to the segments about 'how many things can you feel?' and 'sensory combination, Jerry Hunt':
-pressing outside ezra's case and feeling the ascii keyboard keys and the uneven legs and sprung upholstery of the stool below;
-feeling several carpets on top of one another lightly, through paper and sock;
-sounds of cloth-metal, establishment of characters in combination in working on Jerry Hunt's John Dee (how many things can you hear?)

the ruins are of a house I don't remember finishing as a kid, now reduced to the foundations of walls and remains of some built in furniture, like a real excavation site. some things are surprisingly real: a room with a computer and control stick with a heater or speaker (or both in combination among other possibilities) on the floor, and a bed-mat behind opposite in the same room. more of course. maybe want candles ?
a local's habit of upending a sparkling water over the pint glass he knows it fits in nicely. I've watched it several times (but when it came time for me to do it I still hesitated in slightly uneven pour)

pouring coffee into milk (vegan databank-- on reading burroughs' bacon correct bending over a fork (before flying out a rubber asshole marked EATS, reminding me of mixing trash before eating it) have considered calibrated hot plate tests to establish methods of perfect prep for bacon, etc. in case of honoring the already butchered. direct analogy to admissibility of data collected by Nazis on human subjects)

overflow- brimming pour- Tirokuḍḍasuttaṃ: 'Na hi ruṇṇaṃ vā,soko vā...' , before saké and masu I've had the habit, and the other day in serving sparkle water to Randall, and Eben who I'd brought to interview him- 2 glasses alike, one narrow and tall, the other short and fat, presented first to Eben to remove his overflowing glass from Randall's. drawing of same in teal felt pen (LePen) with dots for bubbles
holding on to affected by
dream of relatives deeply criticizing me
sitting cross-legged or so on mattress-bench, dark wood [don's house], back to wall, tv somewhere, or aquarium light, dark 2 floors high space just above me, sloping down, perpendicular hall to left, other doorway beyond talkers. inlaws couple in front, ?sister to left. both exits therefore guarded/ 'manned'.
criticism before art exhibition, to not hurt artists feelings. as part of general criticism.
example of desilu episodes didn't work to help me be different last time.
wake up feeling its true, but no specifics. very bad feeling.
one thought was to bring a broader appeal to the sounds of the metronome.
drop the need for validity

How Much Vacation

How Much Vacation do you need?
may be clarified as "...to achieve such-and-such"
this question is coming while laying facing back, the question is coming from above and away like slow (half second) exponential attack falling in pitch to target, internal motion, naturalistic sudden stop. these have shapes like long tubes to the flare of trumpet mouths. several notes (more than three), one after the other and passing non conflicting trajectories, well spaced. [relation to concatenated scans in filming an object: Clipson, Ruiz, Kamler. many others. list]
other notes may be 'The Flower of Crime' (like 'In the Solvent of the Moment')

you don't know about Breakfast

well History!
from Titus Burckhardt's Alchemy "hope [. . .] to rescue the spiritual horizon proper to alchemy - the 'royal art' - from the misleading simplifications inevitably attendant upon a purely historical approach. Just as objects in space appear smaller the farther away they are, so whatever is distant in time appears to us reduced and simplified in form - and the greater the spiritual gap between one age and another, the more this is so."
that SST Slovenly has more to do with Black Tambourine than anyone I hear talking about bt now.
what is similar?
changing way of hearing- house music, the difference between what I was attracted to when I started to enter the field, and what I am attracted to now. some mystery of speech about tracks from full term

another animals

[first seen line of hummingbird and my happiness at copying it with my hand]
lines drawn by butterflies, their special shapes
see also the net diamond shapes they make together, meeting mostly each other, and little showers or tassels from where they have landed their eggs. the different quality of the lines drawn by the particular plants they land on and are familiar with. some harmony or coversion between these shapes which know one another

thinking of how music could stand as a tree does, but (even in memory of music made explicitly thinking of trees) only a partial answer seemed possible: that people could stand as trees and their music as the tree's flower. /the flower of society/ the way the bark separates from itself, giving the texture- thoughts of writing, the trunk or branches

humor of mushrooms in connection to shrubbery. type of impermanence, weakness, invisibility!

[another tracks of The Beatles; my If you ask the animals...; last animals post: "one's own way of doing things"]

peripheral themes to national anthems

A. airline theme songs, airlines considered as national representatives, inwards ambassadors and exemplars. airspace

B. jimi hendrix star spangled banner, subsidiary list of treatments of hendrix: Christian Marclay 'encore', Blowhole..

and C. I knew already: shortwave station signatures

current arrangement so titles slide across when you open the door 'the doctor is in'
projecting fridge magnet letters from across the room back onto the side they stay on the filing cabinet
brought initially to study manga sound effects (genocyber) and then 3 letter band names


Tigertailok 2

in further considerations coming
99 drops of the most expensive liquor you can afford in the north east corner of the room
sharimiki bonsai. see decay arrested, or rendered good- smell of liquor from corner
(diagrams in Levi-Strauss, triangle and watery reflection)
(tea time idea: muddy puddles replaced with milk-tea)

[expanding plant electrophysiology- measurements taken from sharimiki and other bonsai exhibiting struggle and poise. individuation

and group individuation ~"ah I didn't want to park there, I kept driving because all those trees were still and these trees on the next block were all waving for us.. I'll turn around, but see how beautiful they are?" NAMM convention parking- Disney trees, Morgan Evans]
in discussing mass sterilization, future of humanity, etc with my dad he asked about other species. I suggested that we think of them as humans who do things a particular way. "Il y a des Godards comme il y a des renards." Birds who give up much else to be light enough to fly.

national anthems band list

start of a list of music relating to national anthems
Stockhausen Hymnen
Bartók Kossuth
David Rosenboom Musical Intervention 1979
Louis Andriessen Volkslied (though for the band is equally important In Memoriam)
Mathews and Rosler interpolation from The British Grenadiers to When Johnny Comes Marching Home

little album invert

Ken Ishii Jelly Tones video sequences in which inverted and direct alternate bubbling, so that it looks about the same if inverted. cover, inner sleeves tiled stills

restaurant paintings

nice place for a painting in possibility of meeting anyone
waiting by bathroom, companionship (hidden angle, telephones)
"public house", character of different eating houses-
shopping a painting for one's restaurant,
asking for or making a painting for one's restaurant.
making a restaurant for your painting to be in
« architecture school »


"desktop software", disguised
but to be able to be driven informatically by parametric::(")coded
[mouse movements, to build a linkage say, that carries noise from the hand, modulated to be transparent,
linkage studies, impromptu of plotting data, sonic transforms 'initially']
metronome in analogy to this, built on-view-of system
and doing the beautiful things a metronome does (complex of delays in trigger moments, out to chime circuit)

(easily "learnt"(without comment) and of high datarate)used
statistical, histogram module [as envisioned to study Lamé-Time-Generator sounds]
at last! first! breakthrough! of ice
to Jerry Hunt's Judge DEE!
I am shaking them!
grilled flashlight, scrape scissiors, stirrup hand

synthesized dream of making of anime hit soundstage hinge on resonant box for tank threads beautiful play
Columbo's evenings with the lights left out
end of an episode
a contemplation of the conductor and his music both a richness
He's a Married Man

I Did Deep Breathing For An Hour
meditating with the computer
note try to repeat deep breathing for a whole day
conscious control of breathing, dolphins
evolution of hyperoxygenation
test did you do it well? did you do it at all?
it is always being done, in some way, but if understood at-all, then it is well-enough. measuring by what happens. in 'Speech Difficulty' well-at-all, to have done it at all is very good, back from the brink the direction lost melodies go

Imaginary Garden Party Photos

yesterday was shown a new face to join the party, but the posed souvenir photo wouldn't show the special attitude of listening: while someone else supposed-more-allied is talking. the photo is more a photo of my own shifted allegiance, or short freedom from allegiance, that I could take it right then, not of who's talking, but who's listening.
[this one gained not at the time, but after introspection]
need for snapshots to be reconciled with dogmatic attitude wanting only the one big souvenir

"No, these are not so personal questions at all, we have a science and teaching of it, come"

some-low-(but effective)-percentage-spandex stirrup pants under corduroys. taken off together thoughtlessly. put back on supine, under cover of a blanket. pleasure in quality of difficulties of getting them on. station moment in while observed the New-social pleasures/arts. differences- everything
This allowed to pass with out any pause, but still well enough to write about now
begun to be able to read I Ching on hexagram 10, Lî, treading on a tiger's tail works out ok. in similar fashion imagining what it is like to be in each of several positions in a situation. yellow arrow shows orienting direction of where the abstract audience/witness/society is supposed to look from. orange arrow points out first position to be examined 

Structural Homosexuality

also yesterday, in discussing with Will, we came to the question of how to transform a world with many people into a world with few people. much material for future work (novels, buildings). In digression I asked if he could imagine that right now we were living in a world where everyone was homosexual. We went to that world and I asked how it was different. He described solidarity and openness (feelings also mentioned earlier in an analogy to the sinking Titanic wherein there are rooms where people do something completely different- the internet is sinking! web-rooms)
Will say "another one like you, but better" I note indicates an enemy in the heterosexual world, but a friend in the homosexual. the next step in the derivation is to imagine just that functional replacement by its consequences.