take time over, doubled reflections on a black background
(kes&tuvok::power&poise ('::' as the simplex relation))

this is gloss: scooching forward in seats
peculiar hearing of light drunkenness- indoors and outdoors
how high may the botanic screen transparent hedge be grown?
lightness of the tips
take time over= a star field
vision on the liquid surface,
of endless complications...      colors..                            
(99 drops of the most expensive/ or that you borrow/ w/o asking)
            ...colors lit from below and reflecting on from above,
moving in response to the REAL NEWS
"At lunches and parties there is no second chance for the daydreamer."
talking about recording interviews so she can daydream and still find later the interesting things. maybe this day-dreaming quality is itself searching for interesting things. I was told once that shoppers enter a pre-hypnotic state while searching for example clothes awaiting hypnosis. to go shopping together! house music. to almost go dancing together, ugly place- -
      side view of time scale structure to kinds of interviews, tv shows, stories-parties
      practicing public interview/moderation to group hypnosis sound
         a wind which may correlate to speech in the room, flagging at first when we stop talking, but growing to a, still subtle, stature- at which it ducks below speech and blooms after it. nonimitative electronic sound synthesis- in the semiconducting materials

"I think we should not be deceived by the simplicity of that statement. the human mind has the awesome ability to condense enormous amounts of observation, of experience, and of reasoning into a few economical, meaningful words. In these same words, the human imagination can also sometimes communicate a whole universe of beauty and emotion." Halton Arp in closing his QR&C [to be reviewed shortly here, together with Julesz' FoCP/ FoCV FoVeaCentralis]

when, it communicates like that, what is implication and what isn't, speculative fiction halts.
[Chris Cohen's obviousness of implicature beyond (pos)]
self amazing ness of what is being said or dreamed. "an emerald light is shining in this idea"
"We find out what we are doing by doing it (single line of past Breezy Day's Band orienting text)"
realizing various implications of the story (Delany says writing as if investigating the history of a so far only rumored situation. interviewing the participants) which could be presented to oneself compressed even down into a band name: Park Detail's for example, showing on my(personal) further consideration some leaving bilateral symmetry, but also embracing self- heightened into the music time.
that in the series of lectures, those living would be presented by their words, but those who have died will be presented in music